How to update table

How to update table

It is much more favorable to update old wooden furniture, than to throw out or banish to the dacha. Successfully restored pieces of furniture look originally and richly. For a long time in mode style shabby - chic, and you can easily collect the whole set of furniture in this style, having applied plain finishing materials and widespread tools. It is possible to begin work with small coffee table.

It is required to you

  • - grinder or abrasive paper;
  • - colourless primer;
  • - balm for tree from beeswax;
  • - varnish on tree.


1. At first you need to clean working surface from old paint and varnish. For this purpose you need the grinder or abrasive paper of different granularity. The grinder it is possible to smooth out surface quicker, but also dust will be more.

2. Previously wet table then just to wash away dirt. Manually to remove old covering, prepare several types of abrasive paper from No. 80 to No. 320. Gradual transition from coarse-grained "abrasive paper" to fine-grained will provide you better removal of old covering.

3. For cleaning of hard-to-reach spots use chisel or figured knife. The invoice of tree has to be well visible. Now the surface needs to be grounded, it must be done, that the table became more equal, and the new varnish coat and paints has better laid down. Use colourless primer which will not hide the natural drawing of tree.

4. Apply with thin layer by means of napkin on table beeswax balm. Leave it for 12 hours then brush give tree a high polish. Varnish surface on tree which shade will not hide, and will emphasize natural pattern on surface. Let's table dry cavity, put the second layer which will set result and will make subject brighter.

5. When varnish completely dries, it is possible to decorate table. Make original painting. Choose for this purpose acrylic paints, they have bright juicy shades and very well keep. Use cliches which can be bought or cut out independently from dense paper. It is possible to draw and by hand, but try not to make mistakes, the dried-up acrylic cannot almost be removed.

6. Find napkins for decoupage or pieces of paper wall covering with the beautiful drawing, cut out from them patterns necessary to you. Carefully clean table-top surface, apply with thin layer decoupage glue. Attach the ornaments which are cut by you, smooth wall-paper with damp rag that there were no bubbles or folds. Wait for full drying of glue then varnish table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team