How to update windows

How to update windows

Even if you have in the apartment very good wooden windows, there comes such moment when they begin to become useless. They can jam when opening, glasses jingle, loops are bent, the cloth is deformed from where cold, etc. begins to get. But you should not hurry in shop behind new windows, you still can put old in order, having made minor repair.

It is required to you

  • - means for paint removal;
  • - palette;
  • - blow torch;
  • - wooden traffic jams;
  • - window hinges;
  • - wedges;
  • - hammer;
  • - metal corners;
  • - plane;
  • - putty on tree;
  • - nazhdachka;
  • - acrylic sealant;
  • - primer for tree;
  • - varnish for tree;
  • - mordant;
  • - alkyd enamel.


1. To determine scales of destruction of window and to make its high-quality updating, at first remove all paint coating. It can be done directly on the place, but it is the best of all if you remove it from loops and you will work at horizontal surface.

2. Old paint can be removed in several ways. If you have some its stratifications, it is possible to try to use means for paint removal. At the windows which are repeatedly covered by paint the thick crust which begins to burst and fall off pieces is formed after a while. In this case it is possible to work as some sharp tools or devices, for example, the palette.

3. If paint descends unevenly, here and there has got and has got stuck in cracks, the best and fastest option will be to process window blow torch. For this purpose previously remove fillets, take out glasses and begin to burn old paint. Under the influence of high temperature the process of otlushchivaniye of old covering takes place very quickly. If you have also painted windowsill, peel the paint and from it.

4. After all paint descends from wood, return shutters into place (without glasses) and check how they hang and are closed. If they have become loose and are warped, try to level them, lining wedges under loop or adjusting landing of loops by means of traffic jams.

5. If distortion big, it is reasonable to replace old loops new, and try to correct distortion of the frame steel corners. Close window shutters. By means of wedges establish them in normal situation and then in corners of frame attach screws steel corners. The frame crumpled from moisture, podstrogayta by plane.

6. Check how handles of a window work. In case of need replace them new, more reliable and beautiful.

7. After that attentively examine wooden surface of window. If there are some roughnesses, chips, cracks and so forth, putty them putty for tree. After drying of putty well grind frame surface abrasive paper.

8. Insert glasses and fill new fillets. Outside close up slots between glass and window frame acrylic sealant.

9. Progruntuyte wooden surface that on it paint or varnish well laid down. In case there are no big defects on tree, and you think to varnish it, perhaps, it is worth trying to tint it mordant for giving of interesting shade or manifestation of the drawing of wood.

10. Paint for covering of external part of window choose such which maintains fluctuations of temperatures, it is resistant to humidity and influence of ultraviolet rays. Inside it is better to paint with alkyd enamel of that shade which is pleasant to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team