How to use life hacks in kitchen

How to use life hacks in kitchen

Women, especially housewives, spend the most part of the time in kitchen. And therefore seek to make it such that on it it was always cozy and comfortable. There are many useful life hacks which can help them with it.

Cleaning in kitchen

Simple useful advice will help to make kitchen cleaner and cozier, will facilitate to hostesses their work.

In the fridge

  • the unpleasant smell can sometimes appear. Same most it is possible to scent also in kitchen cabinets. Normal activated carbon which can be bought in any pharmacy will help to get rid of it. It is necessary just to classify tablets of the fridge and cabinet.
  • There are people who do not accept artificial fragrances (air fresheners) or the allergy is worse than that at them on them. The aroma in kitchen can be made natural, for example, coffee. For this purpose it is necessary to fill coffee beans in glass (wine glass) and to put in it candle. It should be lit.
  • To use less in kitchen chemistry, apply natural and harmless means, such as vinegar, baking soda, mustard, normal laundry soap. They well wash ware, tile, clean plates, ceramic tile.

Cleaning of ware

  • Aluminum ware was always considered as the most convenient and is now appreciated by hostesses. That it always was in full order and shone as new, it is necessary to boil periodically her in cleanings of potatoes, apples or in vinegar solution.
  • The enameled ware has property to darken. To remove it, it is necessary to boil it in solution for washing of ware. It can be any solution. Then it is good to wash up hot water.
  • If you have a lot of glasswares, then she washes very simply: in water it is necessary to pour slightly some vinegar and to put a little salt. To wash it in this solution. To rinse and allow to dry.
  • If you want to wash easily the meat grinder before to disassemble it, miss via it one crude potatoes.


  • It is the best of all to store any grain, starch and other loose products in glass jars with well closed covers.
  • If you store flour in sacks and in any other capacity, then in order that there bugs were not got, put in it several garlic gloves and periodically change it. Garlic can be not peeled from thin skin.
  • As a rule, we store vegetables and fruit in the fridge. But the increased humidity is harmful to these products. There is piece of good advice: before putting fruit, vegetables, greens in the fridge, envelop them normal tissues. It will save them from excess moisture.
  • Well to keep cheese, it should be put in the closed ware and to remove in the fridge. It is not necessary to keep this product in polyethylene sack.

Kind of who loved cleaning in kitchen, it is absolutely impossible to refuse it. It is necessary just to remember that it is impossible to delay and take strongly it simple advices.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team