How to use natural crushed stone

How to use natural crushed stone

It is important to individual builder to know what crushed stone will be suitable for construction of the base what fraction of stone is necessary for production of paving slabs. Granite crushed stone is used in landscaping.


1. Natural crushed stone – inorganic bulk which is received by method of crushing of rocky breeds. Mica, quartz, spar are part of stone. Depending on type of breed and way of its processing, crushed stone is granite, calcareous, gravel. Each of them has the certificate of quality and the sanitary and epidemiologic conclusion in which such indicators as frost resistance are reflected (the highest brand – F300), durability (M200 brand is most demanded), radioactivity. The last characteristic is very important, and many buyers of products of the mountain processing plants first of all are interested in it. What is unsurprising: this stone is widely used in construction and road works.

2. After crushing, crushed stone is sifted with the purpose to separate it into fractions. Stones of 5-20 mm in size carry to small. This material is used in production of heavy concrete for production of concrete products (rings, floor slabs, blocks, etc.). Stones of 20-40 in size – popular material for bookmark in concrete for filling of the monolithic bases. The largest fraction is provided by crushed stone of 70 mm in size. These stones often make to order. The Shchebniyevy crumb no more than 7 mm in size is used in road making.

3. Special category – granite crushed stone. This beautiful stone is the best filler and is put in mixes from which receive high-strength concrete. Granite crushed stone is very beautiful, the surface of stones can be ground to condition of smooth surface. Therefore it is quite often used as decorative material in landscaping and for decoration of socles of buildings and facades.

4. Private traders and the organizations most often use crushed stone of average fraction of 20-40 mm. In construction jobs it is applied as one of concrete components. Along with sand and cement it is put in the concrete mixer. It is possible to flood with ready structure the plate, tape, column bases. From it form masonry units. For production of paving slabs use crushed stone of crushed fines – stones of 7-15 mm in size.

5. For receiving these products it is not obligatory for private developers to have the expensive equipment: it is enough to make or buy timbering of the necessary size and form. Thus it is possible to make inexpensive paving slabs, trenches for the system of drainage system, masonry units for construction of various constructions. If in the course of production of concrete to use coloring pigment, it is possible to receive products of different color.

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