How to warm garage

How to warm garage

The most part of motorists have no opportunity to be engaged in service of the car in winter time because their garages are not equipped with the heating system. Whether it is possible to correct this situation and to warm garage in cold season?


1. The most practical method of heating of garage is installation of hot-water heating. Only consider that as the heat carrier the experts recommend to use in heating system not water, but nonfreezing liquid – antifreeze. Though the thermal capacity of this substance is a little lower, respectively and the efficiency of heating will fall too, but at its use the system will be protected from defrosting.

2. For a start pick up reliable source of heat supply. Connection to boiler which heats cottage or residential building will be ideal option. But it is possible to make it only if at design of the boiler house the necessary power has been considered. It is possible to use such boiler at distance of 30-40 meters from cottage. For this purpose lay heating main on the site and well warm heating conduit. For such heating you still need the pump with the increased power.

3. If to convert the general boiler into heating of garage there is no opportunity, then equip the individual boiler house, having made extension to most to garage. For small garage on one machine for electrical heating pick up boiler for power from 1.5 to 2 kW.

4. After that establish in garage fan heater with the liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger. Such fan heaters are called fankoyla. They are made in rectangular metal box – the body, fasten on wall or to ceiling. There are also other types of fan heaters – thermal veil. Them have over entrance to garage. Behind closed doors such device has small speed and warms the room. When you open doors, the thermal veil begins to drive stream with huge force, interfering with heat exit from garage.

5. Surely connect the thermostat which will periodically switch-off the fan that will give the chance to save the electric power. Or equip the three-code valve which will block pipe with the heat carrier at achievement of 5 degrees Celsius and will redirect it through the bypass canal back to boiler. For simplification of management it is possible to switch-off the boiler just periodically.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team