How to wash feather pillow

How to wash feather pillow

The feather is widely used as filler for pillows. It long serves, is not subject to knocking down in one heap unlike artificial fibers. The only shortcoming is allergic reactions, congestion of dust and the maintenance of dust pincers which perfectly breed in natural feather therefore from time to time pillows need to be erased or given to dry-cleaner. To wash feather or down pillow, it is necessary to follow number of certain rules.

  • - gauze or material;
  • - liquid detergent for woolen fabrics;
  • - warm water;
  • - conditioner;
  • - material for new bedticks (if old bedticks have become useless).

1. For washing of pillow unstitch bedtick, pull out feather, separate into two or three parts. Put each part in separate volume bag from gauze or rare material. Sew up bags or carefully tie.

2. Erase feather in warm water manually with the liquid detergent intended for washing of woolen products. Well wring out the washed bags with feather. Rinse in cold water several times. For rinsing add cap of fabric softener to the last water. Hang up bags with the washed feather in the sun or if washing was carried out to the winter period, put on central heater.

3. In drying time several times carefully stir up bags and overturn on the different parties. Wash bedtick separately. If it has become useless, then put dry-through feather in new bedtick.

4. Also the feather can be washed in the washing machine automatic machine. For this purpose prepare in its way stated above. Put bags in the washing machine. Include the program of delicate washing or washing of products from wool. Pour necessary quantity of liquid cleaning agent for washing of products from natural wool, reduce quantity of turns of extraction up to 400 and make normal cycle of washing.

5. Install the program of double additional rinsing. Add the conditioner at the last rinsing. You dry in the way stated above.

6. Now there was huge number of dry-cleaners for products from natural feather and down. In dry-cleaner the feather is processed in the special way that does it clean, air, safe. Additional service is replacement of bedticks on new. All this costs very not much. And therefore if you do not want to be engaged in washing of pillows, it is always possible to use services of dry-cleaner where the quality of processing is guaranteed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team