How to wash yellow spots from sweat

How to wash yellow spots from sweat

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Sweat spots, as a rule, leave marks on clothes which are difficult for eliminating. There are several checked folk remedies. Before their application surely put on rubber gloves to protect your hands.

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1. Remove yellow spot from sweat by means of ammoniac solution and gasoline. This means perfectly copes even with inveterate traces. For this purpose process spot previously in gasoline. Moisten cotton tampon in means and apply on the polluted site. Wait 15-20 minutes. Wipe this place with the rag, the wetted in ammoniac solution. Thus you remove residues of gasoline together with pollution on clothes. Stretch product in clear water with small addition of soap solution. Dry clothes in well aired room or on the balcony (loggia).

2. Try to remove yellow spot from sweat from clothes by means of hydrogen peroxide solution (3%). You remember: the earlier you will begin to remove spot, the more effective it will turn out. Moisten cotton pad (tampon) in hydrogen peroxide solution. Apply means on the polluted site, paying special attention to spot contour. In 20-30 minutes rinse product in warm water with small addition of cleaning agent. Dry clothes in the sun. In case of need repeat the procedure.

3. Remove yellow spot from sweat from color clothes, using egg yolk and denatured alcohol. For this purpose previously mix these components. Use the following proportion: on 1 egg yolk of 10 ml of denatured alcohol. Apply the received mix on the polluted site, wiping spot with kitchen sponge. In 5-10 minutes to propoloskayta thing in clear water. In case of need repeat the procedure.

4. If folk remedies do not bring desirable result or you have no desire to purge product independently, ask for the help in the next dry-cleaner. Skilled masters, having studied extent of pollution of spot, will pick up necessary components for removal of traces from sweat. Thus you will save the time and will save favourite thing.

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