How to water strawberry during fructification

How to water strawberry during fructification

Strawberry at the correct leaving can grow and fructify on one place several years. One of important stages on its competent cultivation is watering of plants. How to water strawberry during fructification?

Strawberry belongs to such plants which are very exacting to moistening of the soil. Therefore at its cultivation it is necessary to watch closely moisture content in the soil. If at strawberry the leaves fade in the afternoon and hang, it is deficiency indicator of moisture at plants. Also not regular waterings can affect the size of berries and their maturing. But at the same time the moisture surplus is pernicious for strawberry too. Its fruits in that case begin to decay quickly and do not manage to ripen. Therefore it is important to observe some recommendations about watering of strawberry in the open ground.

Watering of strawberry

In general, this berry culture during the whole season it is most abundant water four times. It occurs during blossoming, fructification, after the end of harvesting and at the end of summer when floral kidneys for next year are stuffed up. In the rest of the time it is necessary to water strawberry only for maintenance of its activity.

As for specifically fructification, at this moment strawberry on personal plot is watered regularly between gathering berries in morning or after-dinner hours. At the same time water temperature has to be higher than +15 degrees. Otherwise plants can have such fungal disease as gray decay. Therefore water is previously warmed up in the sun in various tanks. It is also undesirable to water strawberry too late. Leaves on plants by the evening have to be dry. Ideal time for watering are 16-17 o'clock in the afternoon.

As it is correct to water strawberry during fructification

The correct watering of strawberry provides moistening of soil layer of 25-30 cm in depth. At such distance from earth surface the main part of root system of plants is located. Therefore watering of strawberry during fructification has to be abundant. About 2-3 buckets of water are spent for 1 sq.m. of the earth approximately.

If daily to water strawberry gradually, then it can do harm to plants. Such watering creates the increased moistening in top soil and the lower roots do not receive necessary moisture that leads further to their dying off. And also promotes spread of fungal diseases.

Strawberry is correctly watered with small streams of water directly under bushes that moisture did not evaporate, and got deeply into the soil.

Additional watering of strawberry during fructification

Sometimes in hot weather strawberry begins to fade, and berries dry or become too soft. It is caused by very high temperature of the soil near plants. In that case additional watering of plants can be required. It is carried out in the afternoon and it has the refreshing character. At the same time the water flow is much lower, than at the main watering and makes only about 10-12 l of water on 1 sq.m. of the soil.

The correct and timely watering of strawberry during fructification positively affects maturing of berries about increase in productivity of plants during the summer period.

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