How to water tomatoes in the greenhouse

How to water tomatoes in the greenhouse

At cultivation of tomatoes in the greenhouse it is very important to organize watering of plants correctly. For this purpose it is necessary to know features of the structure of root system of tomatoes. These plants are rather whimsical, but at due care in greenhouse conditions, they are capable to yield big harvest in any, even the most severe region of Russia.

It is required to you

  • Capacity for watering, organic and mineral fertilizers for tomatoes.


1. For watering of tomatoes in the greenhouse it is not necessary to use cold water. It is stress for plant. It is the best of all to prepare water in advance. Allow it to heat up in the sun. It is the most convenient to establish in the greenhouse special capacity for water, then temperature of watering will be optimum.

2. It is not necessary to water tomatoes in the greenhouse too often. The fact is that tomatoes do not love excessive moistening. They have the core root system going rather deeply to the soil, it allows plants to find moisture even then when the top soil already seems bone-dry. It is convenient to water tomatoes of times a week or it is more rare, better to do it in the evening.

3. Tomatoes in the greenhouse can be watered only directly at the roots. These plants do not transfer hit of moisture to leaves and stalks. For increase in efficiency of watering it is recommended to protect each plant with so-called pristvolny circle with small deepening near stalk. Thus, peculiar hole in which it is very convenient to make watering is created.

4. On one plant of tomato in the greenhouse it is necessary to use from five to ten liters of water. The hole will not allow moisture to spread on the surface of the soil, and the plant will get all volume of watering. To reduce evaporation of moisture and to reduce the number of waterings, many gardeners use mulching. As mulch it is possible to apply compost, weeds and even paper.

5. It is convenient to combine watering of tomatoes in the greenhouse with fertilizing. It is possible to alternate organic and mineral medicines. As organic fertilizer it is preferable to use infusion of bird's dung. Plants of tomatoes very positively react to such watering. Use and the granulated fertilizers is possible. In it cases scatter them in radical holes in the small portions or mix with mulch. When watering granule are gradually washed away, and tomatoes receive necessary moisture and nutrients.

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