How to weave basket

How to weave basket

Art hand-meyd is strongly included into everyday life. Probably, remained a little interiors where there would be no handmade subject. The wicker furniture can become decoration of your house, but weaving from willow rod or rattan is business of professionals, you can make basket of newspapers which will look it not worse wooden at all.

It is required to you

  • * newspapers;
  • * bucket;
  • * PVA glue;
  • * "titanium" or "athlete" glue;
  • * scissors;
  • * long needle;
  • * acrylic paint;
  • * acrylic semi-gloss lacquer


1. At first it is necessary to make rods for basket. For this purpose take newspapers, unroll and cut off strip 5 cm wide on both sides of turn. Only strips with the white field that sticks have turned out white will be put to use. Then you should not paint finished product several times to block diversity. Also the long needle and glue will be necessary. Take Clay quick-drying. Many advise PVA glue. It will go too, but only very dense, from liquid glue paper will be torn.

2. To make tubule, apply needle to one edge of strip at an acute angle, drip drop of glue and turn. Twist tubule so that from above there was always white party that tubules have turned out white. Also fix the end of tubule by glue. Try to do one end of stick a little already another that it could be inserted into other tubule when building. At once stick together tubules on two – less efforts will be when weaving. If there are not enough tubules, will knurl in the course of creation of basket. That newspapers are also good that there is a lot of them.

3. The next stage – weaving of bottom. Put sticks on 3, roll them rolling pin that they bent easier and did not turn. Impose on these sticks perpendicularly three more sticks prepared the same way. Now unbend one end and braid with it others, but not separately, and on three that the cross has turned out. Then disconnect the ends of tubules of basis and braid them separately with the same stick. If necessary increase it, inserting into other stick and fastening with glue. For fastening of sticks use "Titanium" or any glue for gluing of ceiling tile better.

4. So braid tubules around until diameter of circle equals to basis bottom. Take any bucket as basis. Put the weaved circle on table, and from above put bucket in which put cargo that when weaving it did not fidget. Bend the ends of tubules of basis and fasten them on bucket walls, having put on elastic band.

5. Now to each stick of basis add on one for the bigger durability of walls and continue to spin how you braided bottom. When you reach the necessary height of basket, cut off the ends of basis, having left tails of 3-4 cm which fill for next. For bigger durability grease each tip with glue and only after it fill.

6. To spin cover in accuracy as basket, only already basket will be basis for it.

7. When your masterpiece is ready, for beauty and durability cover it with acrylic paint of right color. And over paint apply acrylic lacquer that paint has not peeled off. We advise to take flat or semi-gloss varnish that the basket strongly did not shine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team