How visually to expand space

How visually to expand space

Small rooms not rarity even in modern apartments, and the option with association of space does not suit family where each her member needs privacy. Therefore before starting repair and to buy finishing materials, think over design of the room and its color scheme.

It is required to you

  • - light finishing materials;
  • - dot lamps;
  • - mirrors;
  • - light furniture;
  • - glass furniture.


1. Repair begins with ceiling, solve what material to you approaches more. Glossy stretch very light ceiling with set of dot lamps will be suitable for expansion of space. The most effective way is mirror ceiling. At you illusion of infinity of space will turn out.

2. Now "dress" walls in light pastel tone. Avoid bright contrasts, dark gloomy gamma and the shouting flowers. The large drawing on wall-paper will serve bad service too. Paint the most dark wall with lighter paint, than the others, it will help to broaden the room visually.

3. If you decide to increase space by means of mirrors on walls, address the professional designer. At independent finishing of the room, there is risk to turn it into the uncomfortable dance hall.

4. Floor should not be dark too. You will be helped by light longitudinal floor boards, and the small kitchen will be expanded by light ceramic tile or linoleum. Do not lay on the floor carpet with the large drawing, it will great limit room space. The floor covering has to be with small pile and light.

5. Cabinet furniture has to be in harmony with finishing of walls, merge kind of with it, not contrast. The bright dark stain "will eat" considerable part of space. Carefully select form and the size of furniture. Lockers have to be smaller, without excess decor. Choose sofas and chairs without massive and useless armrests. Chairs can be replaced with cozy padded stools which can be pushed under table if you do not use them yet.

6. Try not to put furniture in the middle of the room, it will divide and will shatter already small space. Color of upholstery has to be combined with tone of finishing of walls. Do not take upholstered furniture with very motley and colourful surface.

7. Stand the bright subject drawing attention in the most far corner of the room. It can be flower in vase, sculpture or picture. The look of the person will fall at once to this subject which costs far therefore there will be visual illusion of the big room.

8. Use glass furniture – regiments, coffee table and doors. Competently located dot lamps will be reflected in glass surfaces and will create additional ease and lightness.

9. Get rid of excess objects, knickknacks and other stuff which literally "eat" space. Hang up curtains easy and light without heavy portieres.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team