Independent construction of country verandah

To the dacha most of people goes to weekend, wishing to have a rest from the noisy city and to enjoy natural beauty. Someone associates this place with collecting tasty harvest, and someone considers it that place where it is possible to stay in harmony with himself or the family. When this cozy town emerges in thoughts, many subconsciously feel that something is missing. Having thought over some time, the person thinks that it is good to construct there picturesque verandah where it will be possible to breathe fresh air and to enjoy warm weather.

Main data

It is considered that the verandah is only addition to the main premises, however it has access to heating. For extension of verandah which will surely improve exterior of the house it is possible to employ specialists in construction, however at far smaller expenses it is possible to cope by own efforts. This room is glazed, representing the closed type, and opened, literally uniform with the surrounding nature. Each owner himself chooses what option is more preferable to it.

It is necessary to consider carefully everything before starting any actions based only on imaginations. Then it is necessary to outline the approximate drawing of future construction, having verified all parameters with real and to get to work. Besides, it is worth thinking in advance whether the verandah will adjoin to the house or is separately from it. After that, it is worth getting the necessary permission for construction on the site and to go safely to fight.

It is important to remember that the verandah should not have serious distinctions with the house if to speak about facing materials. If the house is built of wood, then the wooden verandah will look very appropriate. If brick – that and the verandah has to be created by means of brickwork. However before establishing walls, it is necessary to lay the foundation.

Choice of the base

  • This view of the base is the simplest of what can be put. However it is required to apply many forces and also to spend many money. It is put, most often, under large-scale concrete, brick or stone constructions. For overlappings use metal, monolith or blocks from reinforced concrete. If the soil under the building is not uniform, then soil can densely sink about what it is worth worrying in advance.
  • This look is made of reinforced concrete and monolith, both from which are created in the columns stacked in niche. Then they are fastened with beams, and between them leave gap in 2 meters. Besides, such base will cost much cheaper, however freezing of underground waters and soil subsidence is possible.


First of all, it is necessary to be defined from what walls of future verandah will be created, and then to construct the necessary framework. Most often, use metal which is sheathed later wood or wood in the form of logs which surely process antiseptic. It is also important to make binding through which excessive moisture will leave, and then to cut in it support. Corners fix by screws, and lower roof of verandah under roof of the country house.

The sexual covering, as well as in all similar constructions, is laid on logs. Board which will floor is covered has to undergo thorough drying that it was not deformed over time. Boards are fastened with screws, step by step checking flatness of laying. After completion of process of laying, at the edges fix plinth. Windows are inserted on personal preferences, but it is possible to do also without them, and here the door has to open always towards the street.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team