Interroom doors accordions: pluses and minuses

Interroom doors accordions: pluses and minuses

The door accordion will be ideal for use in the close, filled furniture rooms. It easy and it a lot of free space is not necessary. But these doors quite brittle also demand care. Also you should not wait from them for qualitative sound insulation.

Pluses of doors accordions

The key advantage of doors accordions — compactness. The normal oar door to open, needs about one square meter of free space. It imposes restrictions for placement of pieces of furniture and for the minimum width of corridor. The accordion when opening develops in aperture and practically does not support its limits.

It is especially relevant for small-sized apartments and close rooms. Besides, doors of this type can be used also in such places where there is not enough space for installation of movable doors.

Doors accordions are fixed on one of the parties of door opening, and for their fixing in one plane and movements in aperture the top guide is used. Thanks to it such door has no threshold and the lower slide rail. It allows not to worry about danger to stumble and fall that is important if in the house there are small children or elderly people. Due to ease of design such doors well are suitable for visual division and zoning of space. For example, if it is necessary to emphasize border between kitchen and the dining room, or between the living room and the hall. In such cases the classical oar doors can be too bulky decision.

Minuses of doors accordions

The main minus — the low durability of all design. The cloth consists of large number of lamels that strongly reduces the general rigidity of cloth. It is promoted also by lack of the lower guide. If to make considerable effort for such door or to push it, it can break. The design, the more in it is more difficult than moving parts, the less its reliability. Doors accordions not exception. In combination with their low durability it can lead to fast failure. If the integral door cloth serves decades, then life cycle of folding door is much lower. Doors accordions cannot provide good sound insulation and pass smells. Therefore they not really well are suitable for installation in the bedroom or bathroom. Their installation in kitchen will play decorative role as it will not save from penetration of smells of the preparing food. Developing, such door gathers in aperture. As a result it noticeably decreases. It can prevent to carry by large-size things and furniture. If door opening narrow, then the put door can create inconvenience and for pass of people. Doors of this kind are suitable only for installation in strictly squared apertures. If you have door openings in the form of arch, it is necessary to refuse doors accordions. The oar door at the greased loops opens and closed silently. Doors accordions when folding and unfolding quite loudly rustle. It can be critical at night when all sleep or when in the house there are small children.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team