Lawns: types, landing, leaving

Lawns: types, landing, leaving

Using the French word "lawn" in the daily speech, the most part of compatriots does not think of its origin even against the background of periodically breaking out disputes on purity of Russian. Meaning in translation "grass", "turf", it has organically enriched native lexicon, though has pushed aside quite suitable term "lawn".

Distinctive feature of modern lawn — its artificialism while the lawn assumes after all the natural origin partly improved by the owner of the parcel. Aristocratism symbols, the English lawns-launy (the word which is found in the name "lawn tennis"), once emphasized wealth of the families daring to occupy huge territories with the high-esthetic grass carpets free from agricultural tasks and not used under construction.

From one of the points of view of the person practical the lawn is represented — to look after far more simply certain excess the territory which is laid out by tile or asphalted. However there is also other opinion in this respect — the fans of lawns remembering the troublesome periods with cultivation of flowers on beds on the place of silky green lawns. Truly one — the price of the spent efforts will pay off beauty and usefulness of such ecocovering.

What lawns happen

Lawns are created from cereals, most often from types of fescue, polevitsa, meadow grass, herd grass and ryegrass. On types the grass landings are divided into decorative and special, including sports. The first type is provided, except other, by such effective version as the Mauritian lawn including not only cereals, but also flowers. The lawn is ideally equal and elegantly silky parterre, or park. It was not succeeded to save it from weeds — we receive ordinary, less qualitative. The sites for sports meets which are traditionally sowed by steady grades of cereals become more and more rare. Troublesome this business — care for the big areas: there will tread, there zamoknt, bald spots should be sowed, to comb. And quite often the synthetic coverings imitating green grass come to replacement. In smaller scales, on house adjoining sites, the relevance of such resistant grass coverings does not decrease: emerald pile of guest platforms, parking for car becomes straight in a magic way, showing faultless look to the next day.

Ways of landing of lawns

Desire to quicker see allotment the decorated grass carpet brings to producers of rolled lawns. Layers of the turf are grown up most often by hydroponic method, turn out ideally equal on thickness, are selected precisely by the sizes of the planted trees and shrubs territory, their laying occupies time minimum.

Earth mix on the place of rolling of grass rolls has to have the necessary acidity and alkaline balance necessary for the first time of fertilizer providing development of root system.

The lawn for which emergence it is necessary to wait is bought in the form of package of seeds on which it is specified how many square meters package contents can sow. The loosened earth to which the seed of lawn cereals has got is condensed and protected from pets and birds. Geomaterial can help with it special ukryvny. Periodic waterings are obligatory also for lack of shoots. Big squares — roadsides of roads, dams, parks — are planted with hydrocrops method. The semi-sprouted seeds of cereals are enveloped by nutritious mix with the additives detaining them on the soil and sprayed with water jet from special capacity. The efficiency of way is very high.

Care for lawn carpets

The lawn will not allow to idle to the owner. Expanding and branching, "vershoks" block access of oxygen to "backs" therefore the turf should be punctured periodically. The continuous mass of grass quickly depletes the soil, slanted part is not left for peregnivaniye and receiving natural compost — therefore, fertilizers are necessary. Feed up lawn according to recommendations on packings of fertilizers, it is desirable to do it before watering or rain, but not during heat.

If in the neighbourhood with lawn there are flowers or you are owner of Mauritian lawn, be careful: quite often include the herbicides excluding existence by number of any kinds of plants except cereals in lawn fertilizers.

Depending on growth rate more or less frequent hairstyle will be necessary. To Skarifitsirovat (to delete the dying-off weight and to comb out moss) grass sods and it is necessary to restore the thinned sites also. The hairstyle of grass "pile" needs to be conducted rather often, by cold snap season its height should be increased.

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