Mansard roof: main components

Mansard roof: main components

Significantly to increase living space of any house without serious expenses and reconstruction, instead of normal roof do mansard. What it consists of and how it is correct to make it?

The mansard roof has appeared enough recently. First of all it has been connected with the fact that there were no construction materials allowing to warm easily roof. As soon as this problem has been solved, many summer residents on the sites began to build the second floors of cottages in the form of mansard roof.

The main components of such roof are the rafter system, insulating pie and roof.

The rafter system can be wooden or metal depending on the applied material. The wooden rafter system because it is much simpler to make it enjoys the greatest popularity. It can be created both from floorboards of 150х50 mm in size, and from bar of 150х100 mm depending on the size of roof and snow load. Such roof is done generally on owner-occupied dwellings or dachas.

The mansard roof from metal sections is applied at reconstruction of old buildings to creation of the additional area within the city or at construction of new residential buildings.

That the penthouse was vein it it is necessary to warm. For this purpose use different types of membranes which protect heater layer from steam, moisture and from losses of heat. As heater on mansard roofs apply mineral wool or other its types.

Over this layer of heater there is roof which protects penthouse from precipitation and influence of the external environment. It can be made of bituminous tile, any metal section, copper or brick-tile. All these options have various price therefore the choice of one of them depends on opportunities of the host.

The technology of creation of this roof has number of features. The mansard roof can have several slopes and also be located in several planes. The simplest option of mansard roof is the double-pitch roof with changes.

Construction of such roof is begun with material preparation. The floorboard of 150х50 mm which needs to be processed the special anti-septic tank protecting tree from rotting, burning and some insects wreckers in advance will be suitable for it.

After that establish racks on both sides of the house, receding from edge of slush-making logs or bars on 1-1.5 m. Their height has to be leveled to height of future floor. The spacing of props has to be equal to heater width, but not exceed one meter. Then atop stack crossbeams which will be ceiling of future premises on racks. Over crossbeams establish rafters which will be roof basis. Also rafters do from edge of racks, slush-making to the upper bound. All this design it is possible to fix by means of self-tapping screws, corners, nails or plates. After the rafter system has been made pass to heater mounting.

At first from the inside of racks and ceiling beams sew heat-insulating membrane or film which will protect heater layer from steam influence. Then mineral wool keeps within three layers. And it needs to be laid in chessboard order. Over this pie outside attach already waterproofing film which will protect it from moisture influence.

Further pass to mounting of the chosen roof, previously having closed design furring. For it use roofing boards of any width. If the bituminous tile is used, then at first roof moisture resistant plywood. For metal tile the furring is sewn in certain sequence. For other types of roof there is also set of subtleties and nuances.

Inside the penthouse can be trimmed with imitation of bar, lining, sheets GVL or some other materials.

Creation of mansard roof allows to save significantly on construction, but at the same time to receive warm premises without construction of the second or third full-fledged floor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team