Microwave: it is more than harm or advantage?

The microwave oven has already for a long time entered life of modern people, and for many this electric device is simply irreplaceable. There are even those who use the microwave more often than normal plate, and from its application such people hardly think of possible harm.

Advantages of the microwave oven

First of all, the advantage of the microwave is considerable saving of time. With its help in only a few minutes it is possible will defreeze meat or fish, to warm up the cooled-down soup or to boil coffee cup.

According to the American scientists, thanks to microwaves in the USA the number of the people suffering from cancer stomach was reduced.

The fact is that when cooking in the microwave oven there is no need to add oil to food. In other words, such food contains less cholesterol and harmful fats.

Also because of the short time allowed for cooking in products more vitamins and micro and macrocells remain. For example, if to cook food on plate, then about 60% of the vitamin C which is contained in it will be destroyed, and under the influence of the microwave are subject to destruction only from 2% to 25%. Besides, during the work with the microwave it is almost impossible to burn. During opening of door it is automatically disconnected that cannot be told about normal oven.

Harm of the microwave oven

Under the influence of the radiation of the microwave oven in molecules of products the process of disintegration and change of their structure begins to happen. Thus, in food the carcinogens capable to work great mischief to human health are formed. At warming up in the microwave of baby food in it the neurotoxic substances causing disorder of nervous system of the child and the nefrotoksichny substances dangerous to kidneys can be formed.

Thus, if you feed the kid with artificial mixes, it is necessary to prepare them only on plate.

On the other hand, according to the American scientists, in microwave ovens there is leakage of electromagnetic radiation. Also considerably the quality of food worsens - decrease in nutritiousness of products reaches from 60% to 90%. And the Swiss scientists made experiment under the terms of which volunteers had to eat the products prepared only in the microwave oven within several days. By its results they have found out that at all these people the number of leukocytes has increased that can provoke blood cancer subsequently. Nevertheless, some gastroenterologists consider that carcinogens cannot appear in food under the influence of the microwave oven. Most likely, poisons contained in such products initially therefore you should not blame for everything only electric devices.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team