Once again about sorrel

Once again about sorrel

At each gardener on the site it is obligatory to eat the place for cultivation of vitamin greens. The big list of such greens includes also all the known sorrel. This perennial plant having original sourish taste. Except unusual taste it is also extremely useful. Young leaves of this plant contain group B vitamins, vitamins C, To, E and also microelements: calcium, iron, phosphorus.


1. The soil for cultivation sorrelof has to be fertilized by organic fertilizers, is cleared of weeds, moderately humidified. The site is better to choose rather lit. In shadow the leaves of sorrel will be extended.

2. Plant sorrel usually crops of seeds in soil. It is possible to sow seeds in the spring, in the summer and in the fall (towards the winter). At spring landing (in April) the harvest can be received at the end of summer. At summer landing (at the end of June) young greens can be received in May of the next year. It is possible to plant sorrel towards the winter (in October) and also in the early spring vitamin leaflets will appear. Here it should be noted that the plant has to manage to take roots.

3. Seeds sow in grooves rows with distance between them 20-25 cm. It is necessary to watch depth of seal of seeds (0.5-1 cm), otherwise seeds can not ascend. Shoots will appear in 10-12 days.

4. Care for plant consists in watering, weeding, loosening. When watering the main thing - to use close meshed watering can – the crust on the soil so will not be formed, and seeds will not be washed away. It is necessary to watch that the earth was damp, but not rehumidified, otherwise seeds can decay. Surely thin out shoots. It is necessary to leave between plants 5-7 cm. The thinned-out plants give larger leaves. Every two weeks needs to be loosened row-spacings.

5. It is necessary to cut off sorrel leaves when their size reaches 8-10 cm. Regular gathering greens gives rejuvenation and smaller congestion of oxalic acid. If there is no need to collect sorrel seeds, then peduncles should be cut off at the roots. At emergence of mass strelkovaniye (it usually occurs the next year) it is possible to mow completely all plants. The slanted bed should be watered. Thus, the sorrel will rejuvenate. On one place it is possible to grow up this plant no more than 4-5 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team