Padubolistny Magoniya: landing, leaving, reproduction

Padubolistny Magoniya: landing, leaving, reproduction

Magoniya padubolistny strikes not only the beauty, but also useful properties which bear in themselves berries of this remarkable plant. The homeland of magoniya - North America, however to Europe it was delivered in 1822. Already then this bush was used in the medicinal purposes and also for coloring of fabric in yellow color.


Magoniya – the evergreen plant pleasing with variety of the color gamma: for example, in May magoniya yellow, and at the end of summer – blue or dark-violet. Besides, the owner of this fine bush can regale on tasty and useful berries. Height of magoniya padubolistny reaches 1.5 meters, and such name has been given because leaves of magoniya remind holly leaflets.

Now boarding

Choice of the suitable place

Magony padubolistny should sit down in friable, a little damp soil, it is recommended that it was subacid and is rich with humus.

Also, selecting the place of landing, give preference to the shaded and windless sites. And before putting magoniya, mix the soil with humus, sand and the cespitose earth.  

Rules of landing

At first it is necessary to dig out poles which depth will reach 50 cm, and distance between them – not less than 1.5 meters from each other as the magoniya quickly enough expands.

In these poles it is also necessary to plant bushes so that the root neck was at ground level. After landing it is necessary to stamp the earth around magoniya padubolistny and it is abundant it to water.

To plant plant, as well as to replace it, it is recommended in the early spring. However change is possible also prior to the beginning of fall.


Magoniya – unpretentious bush therefore care for it will not deliver work to any gardener. Every spring it is required to weed the earth under plant and also to feed up fertilizers. In the summer, especially if it droughty, magoniya is necessary is abundant to water. In the fall the soil needs to be mulched.  

It is optional to scrap of plant to do.


It is possible to make multiple copies magoniya padubolistny in several ways: cherenkovaniye, seeds and division of rhizomes. Let's consider these ways in more detail.

Reproduction by shanks

It is the most popular way of reproduction of magoniya, for it it is necessary to use healthy escapes with leaves. Cherenkovaniye of magoniya padubolistny occurs as well as at all plants.

Reproduction by seeds

This way the longest as before planting magoniya seeds it is necessary to sustain about 3 months in the fridge. Future plant lands in the spring or in the fall, and it is necessary to plant seeds on depth of 1-2 cm.

Reproduction by root offsprings

It is initially necessary to choose strong escapes which are required to be bent down to the soil subsequently so that the top was underground. In the place of bend it is necessary to make banner of wire. At the same time the plant is abundant pours down. When in the place of bend there is healthy root system, the layer separates from parental plant and changes.

Diseases and wreckers

Magoniya padubolistny is very resistant to various diseases and parasites, however after all is exposed to some of them. Therefore the plant needs to be processed periodically preventive medicines.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team