Pasynkovaniye of cucumbers in the open ground

Pasynkovaniye of cucumbers in the open ground

If the cucumber rod put on the site does not fructify, though is in good condition, then it is desirable to make pasynkovaniye of cucumbers in the open ground. Why and how do pasynkut cucumbers?

Why to carry out pasynkovaniye of cucumbers

Stepsons are useless shoots which interfere with development and growth of cucumber liana, without giving the chance to be stuck to fruits. They deprive plant of nutrients and necessary amount of moisture. Stepsons over leaflets of the main sprout are formed and it is necessary to delete them when growth reaches six centimeters. It is desirable to Pasynkovat cucumbers in the open ground closer to the middle of July when the cucumber stalk is in good condition and can yield quite good harvest. In the bottom of stalk it is necessary to leave two or three shoots that by the end of harvesting, on old stalk, there could be young plants having one rhizome. Such simple actions will be able to increase emergence of new ovaries of cucumbers and to increase the harvesting period.

Ways of pasynkovaniye of cucumbers in the open ground

There are two ways how to pasynkovat cucumbers in the open ground. At the first stepsons who were formed in point where there is nodal part of stalk clean up, and it is necessary to leave ovaries of cucumbers. It occurs in sockets of the first five leaves. The good and volume bush is formed. The second way more radical at which in bosoms the first six leaves are removed together with stepsons and ovary. In order that the weak plant has gone to growth and has gathered forces, it is necessary to remove three nodal connections from the beginning of growth. In other nodal points on all liana only stepsons leave.

It is necessary to know that the pollinating (men's) flowers grow on the main cucumber liana, and women's on side escapes. Side shoots have to create bush, but growth of stepsons on them needs to be regulated. The surplus of shoots will delay maturing of harvest.

Pasynkovaniye of the pollinated cucumber grades

The pollinated grades of cucumbers form on the central stalk by pasynkovaniye in the form of the inverted pyramid. The main cucumber liana is divided into four parts in length (beginning from bottom). Begin to Pasynkovat cucumbers in the open ground from the first part, removing stepsons bosoms on the fourth leaflet.

On the second part of lash, after emergence of the fifth and to the seventh leaflet there is pasynkovaniye so: in point of growth of side escape there is one leaf and rudiment of flower, and other escape continues further growth. It is necessary to prishchipnut slightly over the first leaf with one ovary.

Process of growth of liana goes further, and already with eighth on the tenth leaf the side shoots in bosoms prishchipyvatsya again. On the third part of lash of plant there are about two leaves and as much cucumbers. Starting with the eleventh sheet all ovaries of cucumbers clean up. Escapes have about three leaves with ovaries of cucumbers. When time has come, and on the main cucumber lash two cucumbers were created, by means of prishchipyvaniye stop the further growth of liana. From this point the main branching on the parties begins to happen.

It is desirable not to allow further emergence of shoots with flowers and ovaries as there is additional load of stalk.

Pasynkovaniye of cucumbers in the open ground will lead to increase in productivity and improvement of taste of fruits.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team