Pasynkovaniye of cucumbers: useful tips

Pasynkovaniye of cucumbers: useful tips

Pasynkovaniye – necessary action in care for cucumbers. At its timely carrying out the results by all means will please owners of kitchen garden. Having found out when it is possible to execute pasynkovaniye of cucumbers, it is possible to receive quite good harvest.

Stepsons call the excess escapes which are taking away forces from plants. Because of their growth the harvest worsens. For cucumbers pasynkovaniye – need if lashes of plant are developed well, but culture has ceased to fructify. Removal should be made as it is possible more accurately not to do harm to other parts of plant.

For increase in productivity of the plants planted in soil it is necessary to facilitate pasynkovaniye in advance. To transplant bushes at distance which is considered optimum for this look – it is possible to look at it on packing with seeds. Near saplings it is necessary to establish lanes. The procedure is carried out, following such rules:

  • It is necessary to begin with the lower part of plant. All short moustaches and unnecessary side sprouts are removed.
  • For forming of cucumber lash after emergence of the sixth leaf it is necessary to cut off top. Escapes expand after that in the parties. It will be more convenient to tie up them.
  • On one cucumber lash it is necessary to leave 2-3 healthy shoots and 4 ovaries.
  • You should not delete healthy leaves and short stalks.

Pasynkovaniye is carried out so:

  • In the lower part of stalk to leave 3-5 knots. To remove everything, except leaves.
  • Throughout 3-4 sheets the side escapes prishchipyvatsya over the first shoot.
  • The top is removed, on side escapes under it keep 3 knots.

Intensively growing stalks throw on the top lane. They can just be directed down or to suspend rope for stalk.

In this case the instruction will be such:

  • To establish support for attachment of cucumber lashes.
  • Approximately to the middle of plant the escapes can be removed, having left on one ovary in bosoms.
  • Further throughout 8 stem knots not to delete side escapes and ovaries. To Prishchipnut after the first leaf.
  • On 5 sheet bosoms of upper part to carry out prishchipyvaniye after the second leaf.
  • To envelop the central lash around support. The top is cut off over the 26th knot.

The turned yellow leaves should be removed while the plant does not begin to fructify. It is so provided by plant of power supply and moisture.

For increase in productivity it is recommended to follow such advice:

  • To carry out waterings in the mornings, water temperature has to be same, as at air.
  • Best of all water from the lake or the river is suitable for watering.
  • The middle of July or August when new ovaries it is not formed any more will be suitable for fertilizing.

If you notice that plants began to fructify less, and cucumbers taste bitter, it is necessary to try to find out the reason of it. To enhance fertility, it is possible to hold such events:

  • To provide big illumination for plants.
  • To carry out watering daily.
  • To carefully weed ridge.
  • To execute mulching after weeding.

Carrying out pasynkovaniye helps not to spend plant forces for development of the necessary escapes. After its carrying out all resources pass to increase in productivity of cucumber lashes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team