Principle of operation of the boiler

Principle of operation of the boiler

The boiler is considered one of the most widespread types of electric water heaters, - the similar device quickly heats water and almost does not demand service. However correctly to choose the boiler, it is necessary to know features of its device, work.

The principle of operation of the electric water heater is simple: in the capacity filled by water the heating coil is located, it is normal in the form of tube, coil. It is connected to heating boiler by means of special contour (sometimes via the pump). As a result water passes through coil or tube and heats up. As work there are two main types of the boiler, each of which has the features.

These are the tanks made most often of stainless steel in which there are heating coils – TENy. They are connected to current network via the thermorelay. When water heats up to the set temperature, contacts work and TENy are disconnected. As soon as temperature falls, the relay works again, and heating coils begin to work again. Usually in accumulative boilers use heating coils with power no more than 2.5 kW.

Differ from the previous kind of water heaters in lack of capacity. These devices most often connect in kitchen or in the bathroom for fast heating of flowing water current. That the last instantly heated up, required the big electric power which can be in range of 3-27 kW, depending on boiler model. Connecting the instantaneous water heater, it is necessary to consider possibilities of your electric wiring which can not sustain increased load.

The most vulnerable element of the boiler – heating coil. To protect it from influence of hard water and the subsequent destruction, producers cover element with homogeneous enameling. If the tank is made of metal, then use the anode installed inside from magnesium to corrosion prevention. From rust there are also other ways of protection: for example, internal titanic coating (enamel). Corrosion is absent in the boilers manufactured of porcelain, however such products serve no more than 3 years because of the cracks appearing eventually. The water heater having the capacity which is completely made of the titan is considered the most reliable (warranty service life not less than 10 years). But such boilers cost rather much therefore the majority prefers to use products from steel or stainless steel with warranty period of service of 5-7 years. Additional conveniences at operation of water heaters provide electronic devices. It can be temperature regulator, the software allowing to turn on the boiler in hours of low tariff (night). Number of products equip with the display allowing to control operation of the device.

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