Recommendations about the choice of houseplants

Recommendations about the choice of houseplants

If you are not too well informed in question of care for plants, choose such flower which will not demand especially fixed leaving. Here some recommendations about the choice of window plants.


1. If you often forget to water flowers, choose plants which will quietly transfer such neglect – for example, zamiokulkas. This plant with glossy leaves and height reaching 50-60 cm is capable to grow even at the insufficient illumination and infrequent waterings. As an alternative: dragon tree or aspidistra (pig-iron plant).

2. High rasteniyavysoky plants with frequent leaves will create the cozy atmosphere and will close empty corners. At the same time it is important to pay attention to leaves which edges should not be brown – it demonstrates that the plant receives excess of moisture. Alternative: date palm tree, ficus, fig.

3. Flowers without nervotrepkitsveta of begonia will decorate both summer garden, and house interior. The begonia is unpretentious and has huge number of types which have flowers from gentle-pink to brightly coral shades. That the begonia blossomed in magnificent color, it needs to be put in the solar place. Alternative: orchid and hibiscus.

4. Animals in domepoprobuyta the African violets which will not do much harm pet. They perfectly grow at artificial lighting or scattered sunlight. Alternative: gloxinia and bamboo palm tree.

5. Sculptural formaserebristy agave it will be delightful to look in well lit place. Only it is necessary to put it far from children and animals as this plant has sharp leaves. After that it is not necessary to do anything, besides, just to admire plant. Alternative: monetary tree (krassula) and haworthia.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team