Roof from polycarbonate for country gazebo

Roof from polycarbonate for country gazebo

The gazebo with polycarbonate roof is ideal for seasonal dachas with any area. Thanks to transparency of such roof, the nature constantly is near you, and orange and yellow shades of material create illusion of solar lighting even in the cloudiest days.

Characteristics of polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is resistant to ultra-violet radiation, has excellent transparency, not combustible, strong and rather durable. By means of this material it is possible to create different forms and types of designs, combining it with other construction materials (metal section, frame-board buildings, wooden and bar-shaped frameworks).

In design of gazebo it is undesirable to use absolutely transparent material as through it will strongly blind the sun.

There are two types of the polycarbonate applied to roofing works. The most widespread material is cellular polycarbonate which has lightweight (in comparison with normal and acrylic glass) and flexibility. The polycarbonate structured leaf is suitable for covering of structures of different form.

The monolithic type of polycarbonate is universal material. They can cover both dome, and flat forms, however the price of monolithic polycarbonate is much higher, than cellular.

Rules of work with sheets of polycarbonate

From above polycarbonate sheets are covered with protective film which does not need to be removed in advance. If in leaf condensate has accumulated, move away him, having blown leaf compressed air. The open ends of leaf are recommended to be stuck with aluminum adhesive tape, sealant or special edge profile. Thanks to it, in it dust will not accumulate, and your roof for a long time will keep the exterior.

Do not cover polycarbonate roof with decorative and protective film – it can lead to condensate congestion between leaf and film.

As polycarbonate is rather technological, it is not obligatory to mount roof from the whole sheets. They can be cut quietly hacksaw, saw or the electrofret saw, to stick together, weld and drill. For drilling of polycarbonate it is necessary to use automatic drill and metal drill. It is the best of all to choose 8-millimeter cellular polycarbonate for arrangement of roof. Begin to stack only it after final fixing of framework. The polycarbonate roof can be established in only one day and serve after that not less than ten years, without demanding special care and cutting. Periodic cleaning of such roof can be carried out by means of the water produced from hose that your giving could be proud of the clean and sparkling gazebo.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team