Secrets of the cozy bedroom

Secrets of the cozy bedroom

The bedroom is, perhaps, the most important place in the house, our health, mood and working capacity directly depends on sleep quality. Every morning to wake up vigorous and well rested, the room where we sleep, has to be cozy and the most comfortable. Of course, the interior of the bedroom is in many respects matter of taste and personal preferences, however there are several easy ways by means of which it is possible to create situation quiet and favorable in every respect.

Color gamma

For decor of the bedroom it is the best of all to use gentle pastel shades – they create the positive atmosphere, perfectly weaken and calm. However, it is possible to go some other way and to issue the bedroom in dark tones. So, saturated dark green, blue and brown colors in combination with the expressed invoice not only will change bedroom interior, but also will make it cozier. And here bright and contrast shades in decor of the bedroom should be avoided as they have exciting effect on the central nervous system, interfering thereby with normal relaxation, rest and dream.

Bed linen

"The bed is all our life. Here we are born, here we love and here we die", - the famous French writer Guy de Maupassant so spoke. If to consider that we carry out third of the life to beds, then it becomes clear why it deserves so close attention. For this reason it is very important to pick up correctly bed linen – it has to be made of materials natural and pleasant to body (for example, cotton, silk and sateen).


Important role in creation of cosiness is played by correctly picked up lighting. Light in the bedroom has to be soft, muffled and volume. It is possible to achieve this effect by means of several luminous sources located at different height: wall, bedside, floor lamps, floor lamps and sconce.


It is possible to create the cozy atmosphere in the bedroom by means of various decorative elements and lovely knickknacks. Decorate bed with small pillows, lay soft rug on floor, place on shelves of vase, souvenirs, framework with photos – all that to you expensively and causes positive emotions and pleasant memories. However in this case the main thing not to go too far – the abundance of trifles gives to the room untidy look and considerably complicates cleaning process.


Will help to create cozy situation and to recover room interior window plants. When choosing plants for the bedroom it is necessary to pay attention to those types which do not absorb oxygen, and, on the contrary, it is allocated (for example, chlorophytum, aloe, geranium, begonia, cactus, rosemary, lavender).

Anything superfluous

The minimalism and simplicity are one of key criteria of the cozy and comfortable bedroom. Refuse bulky and massive furniture, remove excess pillows and blankets in cabinet or in box under the bed, do not fold clothes on chairs, regularly do damp cleaning and air the room. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team