Serissa: cultivation and leaving

Serissa: cultivation and leaving

Serissa — the real find for those who are engaged in cultivation of room bonsais. The bush is appreciated set of the beautiful flowers reminding small asterisks, and unusual form of superficial roots in form.

Serissa – general information

Serissa belongs to family of madder family, has appearance of small evergreen bush from 25 to 70 centimeters high. The trunk is bent, and the krone consists of set of small thick leaves of ellipse form. The serissa set of the tiny pink or white colors reminding asterisks blossoms therefore the name of plant is translated from German as "tree thousands of stars". Interesting feature of serissa is that at damage of trunk or leaves the plant publishes very specific aroma that is reflected in its second name — "smelly serissa".

As it is correct to buy serissa

Buying bush, attentively examine it. On plant there should be no suspicious dark stains, raid or wreckers. The soil in pot has to be only a little damp, roots light, strong, and leaves — healthy, but not sluggish, twisted or dried. When transporting it is the best of all for seriss to place in cardboard box not to damage bush, and in the winter the box needs to be warmed 2-3 layers of sintepon.

What soil is necessary for serissa

To prepare substrate, suitable for bush, it is necessary to mix peat, the sheet earth in equal parts, it is a little humus and sand and also the cespitose earth. Buying ready soil in shop, it is necessary to choose that which acidity is 4.6-5.5 pH. After spring change at plant can fall down leaves, but there is it during the short period.

Watering, fertilizer and reproduction of serissa

It is necessary to water serissa in process of drying-out of upper part of soil - approximately each 5 days. When watering it is necessary to use only soft water. It is necessary to watch closely the soil that it was moderately damp even in the winter. The first sign of overwetting - blackening and leaf fall. Watering from pallet is possible, but at the same time it is necessary to allow water to flow down.

As fertilizer usually use the fertilizers for saintpaulias divorced by 4 times from the recommended norm.

It is the best of all to make multiple copies bush cherenkovaniye. At the same time it is necessary to break off top or green shanks about 10 cm long from plant. When shanks take roots, they should be landed in separate pot.

Diseases and wreckers

Most often the serissa is surprised fungus, as a rule, it happens because of excessive moistening which leads to rotting of roots and leaf fall. In this case it is the best of all to process fungicide the struck parts of plant and to stop watering to absolute recovery.

Also wood lice, plant louse, snails and slugs, ticks, shchitovka, scales can strike bush. At defeat by any of these wreckers the plant needs to be processed the appropriate special means. Defeat by web tick specifies excessively dehydrated and hot medium in which there is serissa. After special processing it is necessary to restore necessary conditions for plant by more frequent waterings, sprayings and airing of the room.

Serissa as decoration of interior perfectly will suit all fans of dwarfish trees or bushes. She will be able to become excellent gift for those who are not familiar with this plant yet. Any will be glad to such amazing evergreen bush!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team