Small rooms furniture: competent choice

Small rooms furniture: competent choice

After acquisition of the small-sized apartment most of families has question: how to equip it? And, truly, unless it is possible to contain all necessary to one small room? It turns out what is possible. The main thing is to choose furniture correctly.

As it is correct to choose the small room furniture

Before going to do shopping to shop to buy the small room furniture, draw the plan of the apartment on paper "in cage". Place on it already existing furniture and already then – that which you are going to buy. Cut models of furniture and move them according to paper until you find optimal variant of placement. Fix it on the apartment model. In the future it will allow you to understand what furniture should be bought and without what it is possible and to do.

Features of placement of furniture in the small room

At the beginning choose that furniture which will be in the center of the room. If you equip, for example, the living room, then it can be fireplace, curbstone under the TV or coffee table. After that define what will be located around the center. Do not buy bed – it takes a lot of place. Choose instead of it small two-seat sofa. Instead of chairs get small and not too bright chairs. To arrange if desired in the room coffee table - or choose that which is less, or instead of one big get two less. You will be able always to find it the place in the room.

Remember that it is better not to put big furniture to the small room. But if you after all have decided to put cabinet here, place it about wall, but not with window. And still you remember that it should not block way to natural sunlight. Besides, the cabinet has to have mirror doors. Placed in the small room it visually will increase it, will make is lighter. With the same purpose it is possible to hang up 1-2 mirrors here. The table for the computer has to be narrow, with sliding table-top and set of shelves. It is better to choose the TV liquid crystal or plasma. It can be hung up on wall and, thereby, to keep some space free. Instead of shelf it is necessary to use windowsill, and instead of curtains – blinds which visually expand space. As for lighting – it is better not to get chandelier or any other volume lighting equipment. The sconce, small floor lamps, narrow lamps are just what is necessary. Only it is desirable that they were light colors. And, at last, door. It is desirable that it was sliding. If there is opportunity, instead of it establish arch overlapping and hang up decorative curtain. Thus, there is nothing difficult in choosing compact small room furniture and to place it in places. The main thing is to approach the matter competently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team