Style fusion in interior - combination incongruous

Style fusion in interior - combination incongruous

The style fusion in interior is characterized by combination of incongruous objects, colors and textures which have to create indoors uniform harmonious whole. In this direction of design there are no obligatory elements, its main distinctive feature is merge of styles, cultures and traditions.

Features of style fusion

The style fusion has arisen at the end of the 19th century as a result of mixture of various traditions and cultures. Then to conservative Europe the stream of bright luxury goods and just exotic wonders from the colonial countries has rushed: Africa, Latin America, India and China. In rich mansions near solid oak furniture, skins of leopards, masks of the African shamans, the Chinese floor vases and screens from painted silk began to appear.

The style fusion has perfectly stood the test of time. Within all the 20th century there did not pass the mode on the interior diluted with bright objects from different cultures and styles. Success of this direction of design is explained by the fact that he is capable to add bright paints to any room. The style fusion also gives to owners unique opportunity in practice to show the interest in various cultures and traditions.

Unlike eclecticism, style the fusion can combine objects absolutely from different cultures and historical eras. The eclecticism in interior unites lines of rather close styles, for example, classicism and empire style.

In registration of the house the fusion can combine east luxury and the western technological effectiveness, combine period furniture with the modern video equipment, business situation with comfort of the family center. For example, in one room there can harmoniously be sofa in style hi-tech and traditional Turkish ottoman.

How to issue the house in style fusion

Despite the seeming simplicity, fusion style of interiors, quite difficult for realization. To create harmony, using incongruous objects, only the designer with delicate taste and ideal sense of proportion is capable.

The style fusion perfectly looks in spacious and light rooms with high ceiling. In city apartments it is often used for registration of the integrated living room and kitchen or the bedroom and office. Camps, floor and ceiling have to be mainly light. The combination of various textures and colors in floor and wall pokrytiyakhmyagky furniture is welcomed if there is such opportunity, it is better to place in the center of the room. Organize lighting at various levels: big chandelier, cozy floor lamps, sconce, desk lamps. The abundance of textiles is also characteristic of this style: curtains, throw pillows, cloths and various carpets. Pick up harmoniously combined furniture from the different style directions. Decorate the room with decorative objects from different cultures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team