Than to feed up apple-trees and pears in the fall

Than to feed up apple-trees and pears in the fall

Apple-trees and pears grow everywhere. At the end of summer and early autumn many fruit-trees cease to fructify, but the correct care for them continues. During this period at apple-trees and pears the intensive growth of root system therefore it is necessary to take care of the correct fertilizer of the garden in the fall begins.

In the fall apple-trees and pears need a lot of phosphorus and potassium. Therefore it is necessary to introduce organic and phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. Under each yablonny tree bring up to five kilograms organic, on 10 grams potash and on 50 grams of superphosphate. Fertilizers accurately close up to the earth on small depth on all area of projection of crown. If under apple-trees the soil is covered with the turf, then for application of fertilizers dig out small poles of 0.5 meters in depth in several places under krone. All types of fertilizers mix and fill up in these holes. Before fertilizing it is desirable to carry out abundant watering of garden trees to dry weather. And after it the soil is dug over surely.

It is impossible to introduce fertilizers, without mixing them with the earth on the bared roots – it can lead to disease of root system.

As for pears, they are fed up at the end of September. For this purpose under them dig over the earth and put superphosphate and chloride potassium in pristvolny circles. If in addition to apply organic fertilizers, then the dose of mineral is reduced half.

Organic fertilizers under fruit-trees bring once in three years, and mineral – every year. In process of growth of trees also doses of the introduced fertilizers increase.

If the soil contains not enough potassium, and pear is most exacting to this element, then the dose it is increased by 1/3 part. In 5-6 years after landing, fertilizers are introduced in the trenches located on perimeter of all crowns. It is also possible to fertilize in the continuous way on all row-spacing and in pristvolny circles. For more correct fertilizer the soil is dug over on depth of 10-12 cm at all distance of pristvolny circles, and in row-spacings depth of redigging can reach 18 cm. Fertilizers bring at the rate on square meter: 50 g of superphosphate and 20 g of chloride potassium, humus – 3 kg.

The correct leaving and fertilizing will allow apple-trees and pears to winter and please perfectly you with good harvest the next year in the fall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team