Than to feed up petunia seedling for growth

Than to feed up petunia seedling for growth

Petunia is the queen of beds, many gardeners love this plant for abundant blossoming, for brightness and beauty of flowers. However to achieve magnificent blossoming, it is necessary to put a lot of effort: in time to water and feed up saplings, to provide the optimum temperature and humidity, to take care of light conditions.

In order that in summer months the petunia could lodge at you on the garden site, it is necessary to plant seeds on seedling in time. The fact is that the petunia - plant exacting, seedling grows very slowly, and the wrong leaving can deprive easily of you seedling. That saplings grew at strong, had good immunity, before landing it is necessary to disinfect not only seeds, but also without fail soil (irrespective of, it is bought in shop or it is taken from your site). The first fertilizing of petunia can be carried out after saplings have about three and more real leaflets. Before this time it is undesirable to introduce fertilizers.

After seedling has about three-four leaves, plants can be replaced in separate tanks, and after change - to feed up. It is the best of all to carry out the first fertilizing universal fertilizer which can be got in the nearest flower shop or to order in online store. Choose medicine especially for petunia (for root fertilizing) and act according to the instruction. After the procedure watch the first week seedling if everything has passed well, seedling feels perfectly, then can feed up saplings again, only in this case use extra root introduction of fertilizer, that is dispersion. Pick up medicine where there is a lot of nitrogen, nitrogen influences forming of green part of plants, improves exchange processes in cages, part it according to the instruction and spray with it plants. If on the street it is solar, then it is better to postpone spraying until evening, or to cover petunias from direct sunshine (to avoid burn).

It is better to carry out the following fertilizing potash fertilizer. The most inexpensive industrial - Agricola, the Ideal and the Garden of Miracles. These medicines incorporate optimum ratio of substances, useful to petunia. If you prefer to feed up the plants self-made solutions, then in this case can independently make potash fertilizer for petunia: crush banana abrasive paper, fill in it with warm water and let's infuse day in heat. 

Thus feed up petunia seedling, alternating nitrogen fertilizers to potash. Carry out fertilizing two-three times a week (one of which surely has to be extra root), and you watch that the soil was not pereuvlazhnena, differently there can be podgnivaniye of root system that will lead to death of petunias. Following these simple rules, you will achieve that your seedling will grow healthy and strong, and flowers long time will please you with magnificent krone and abundant blossoming.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team