The correct make-up for mature women

The correct make-up for mature women

each woman there is the highlight. The main thing is to emphasize advantages and to retouch shortcomings. The mature woman can look visually younger if she correctly selects make-up.

Any make-up is not capable to hide completely imperfections of skin therefore it is necessary to look after the person carefully: in time to clean and use cosmetics according to age category.

Opaque pastel shades will be necessary for the rejuvenating make-up. During drawing make-up you watch that lighting was bright (lamps of cold light).

  1. Clarification and moistening. In hot season it is desirable to use srub, in cold - the cleaning milk. The srub is put with the easy tapping movements of fingertips, milk – cotton pad on massage lines (from eyebrows upward to forehead, from nose bridge to temples, etc.). Washing away, do not rub skin, try that all movements were delicate. You love the person, and it will reciprocate to you. In conclusion apply the moisturizing cream with light texture and wait for full absorption.
  2. Elimination of minor defects of skin. Take light concealer (is one tone lighter than your skin) with effect of lifting and retouch skin under eyes, nasolabial folds and small wrinkles in corners of eyes.
  3. Basis under make-up. Put on all face foundation under color of your skin. Then by means of big round brush apply mineral powder on forehead, cheekbones and chin. 
  4. Correction of front contour. By means of the proofreader (is one tone more dark than your skin) make more accurate face contours (the line under chin, the line of forehead at contour of hair and temporal bones). In conclusion refresh the person with opaque blush of corporal color (literally to steam of waves of round brush on area of cheekbones).
  5. Accurate eyebrows and line of upper eyelid. Comb eyebrows special brush, record form the pinching-out movements of fingers (it is possible to moisten slightly fingers with drop of castor oil). Give color to eyebrows by means of pencil under color of your hair (to blondes - chestnut-colored). Slightly shade brush. Emphasize with dark brown pencil the upper line of eyelashes. Also shade. Under tips of eyebrows apply the lightest beige shadows on area.
  6. Shadows. The patting movements apply with ring finger on upper mobile eyelids gentle peach shade. Emphasize external corners of eyes with shadows two tones more dark: trace brush corner from fold during century to the line of eyelashes. Choose warm natural or neutral colors, they have the rejuvenating effect whereas cold color (blue, gray, etc.) visually ages. 

Also considerably increases age portrayal of the lower line of eyelashes. For giving to freshness look slightly walk on bottom edge of eyelashes peach shadows, or emphasize them with light brown pencil and well shade that there were no accurate lines. 

  1. Ink. Paint over upper eyelashes and divide them by means of toothpick. Lower leave without changes.
  2. Lips. Choose lipstick of soft opaque shades (tea rose, salmon-pink, warm pink, lavender-pink, etc.)

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team