The idea for balcony: ivy in basket on suspension

The idea for balcony: ivy in basket on suspension

Suspended basket with the ivy branches which are flowing down as falls - interesting accessory which will give charm to your balcony and will create the pleasant cozy atmosphere.

  • - wicker basket
  • - piece of thick neat's-leather
  • - sheet of paper
  • - scissors
  • - ruler
  • - tailor's piece of chalk or pencil
  • - knife for carpet
  • - screw-driver
  • - 4 carbines
  • - rope (6 m)
  • - thick polyethylene film
  • - drainage
  • - garden earth
  • - ivy

1. At first we make of thick skin suspension for basket. That all 4 belts have turned out identical, we cut out template from paper – rectangle about 20 cm long with roundish edges. The template is postponed for skin by tailor's chalk or pencil and we cut out by means of line of preparation for suspension.

2. We strengthen suspension on basket, on 2 suspension on each party. We put the ends of each suspension together, we do crosswise cuts and we expand them by means of the screw-driver. We pass carbines throughout openings. To suspend basket to ceiling, we take piece of rope about 1.5 m long and we strengthen on each carbine.

3. That from basket water when watering did not flow down down, we cover bottom thick polyethylene film. We spread drainage and we land ivy. We fill the remained space of basket with the garden earth. Now the basket can take the worthy place in your house! Ivy - very useful plant which works by the principle of the natural conditioner and cares for good health in the house. Depending on grade color of leaves can be from juicy-green to white, bluish and reddish. Very organically the ivy looks in rough wooden boxes. At their corresponding arrangement it is possible to create city ""jungle"" on the balcony.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team