The most frequent malfunctions of the fridge

The most frequent malfunctions of the fridge

Fridges can break for various reasons, but some of malfunctions meet more often others. Can be the cause of breakages both banal negligence of owners, and other factors. The more in the fridge of parts, the more can be the reasons for failure of the device.

Not always fridges break because of low-quality parts. Often breakages happen because of inaccurate handling of devices. It is necessary to connect the fridge only in the socket suitable for it, when defrosting it is not necessary to scrape on the freezer knife at all quicker to remove ice. If to follow rules, the majority of units perfectly will serve the owners for many years.

What can be malfunctions

If in the fridge too heat, perhaps, matter in freon leak. Operation of generators of cold is based on complex system. Damage or depressurization of one of tubes of which the system consists leads to violations in operation of the device. If from tubes freon flows, it is necessary to ask for the help experts.

Because of leak of freon in the fridge hoarfrost can be formed. But is more often the reason of its emergence there is leaky adjacent rubber sealant on door. Because of the spoiled sealant and in the freezer ice can collect. Temperature in working space of refrigeration chamber does not meet standard, the compressor refuses to join or be switched off – such unusual behavior of the fridge can testify to need of replacement of the sensor of thermal control. The temperature regulator is sore point of modern fridges. It fails most often. Skilled masters know that at these elements the life cycle makes years 5 or 7 then the thermosensitive sensor can lose tightness.

Possible reasons of malfunctions of the fridge

Malfunctions of fridges can be connected with malfunctions in work of components of electrical circuits, like the compressor or the relay. If the fridge does not stop rustling or constantly is at rest, the thermal or starting relay or the module of electronic control can be failure cause, except the regulator. Fridges quite often break because of difference of tension in power line. Sometimes even the systems of protection are not able to save elements from burning out – any parts, from the relay to compressors can deteriorate. It is possible to add mechanical damages of thermoinsulating coverings to number of the most frequent and difficult breakages of fridges in correction inside. In such cases it is not necessary to hope for low repair cost – the most part of the device will be required to be sorted to restore tightness. Many at such breakage just prefer to buy the new fridge.

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