Thyme: care for it

Thyme: care for it

Thyme — long-term fragrant bush, drought-resistant and undemanding to the soil. Recently this plant is widely used in landscaping, it well looks in garden and on the Alpine hills.

Creeping thyme — pochvopokrovny plant, it creates dense carpets with set of the lilac-pink inflorescences differing in magnificent aroma. It is placed on hills of stones, between plates of paths or in garden, it keeps the attractive look even after blossoming which lasts 2-2.5 months.


The thyme is recommended to plant on well lit sites closed from cold winds. Friable neutral soils of light or average mechanical structure are suitable for it. It is not necessary to plant this plant to too damp dunged earth. Before crops it is necessary to choose all weeds carefully.

If to seed thyme seeds in the closed soil in the first or second decade of March, shoots will appear approximately in 2 weeks. In May seedling should be planted in soil according to the scheme 40 by 30 cm. It is possible to put seeds directly in soil, as a rule, it is done in the early spring. They are sown on depth no more than 0.5 cm, at the same time the norm of seeding is 0.3-0.4 g of seeds on 1 sq.m. Carry out division of bushes into separate escapes in the spring. The separated parts with own root system land to the damp soil on depth of 4-5 cm. For this purpose it is necessary to use light soil with sand addition, without nitrogen and excessive organic chemistry. In the summer the thyme can be multiplied green shanks, they well take roots. Cut off tops of escapes 8-10 cm long, then land them in bank sand according to the scheme 3x3 cm or 4x4 cm, from above cover with glass or film. Shanks need to be sprayed several times a day from spray. In 15-20 days they form backs, and in month the plant can be planted in soil.


The most important requirement at cultivation of thyme — good illumination. Light has to be much, both for seedling, and for the plants planted in garden, otherwise the bush is not extended and withers. On the site and in garden the main care for it is weeding. Plants are pretty fast closed, forming dense throw pillow. Sometimes the thyme is grown up on windowsill, it is for this purpose better to choose the most southern window. The pot has to be a little wider than roots. If capacity is too big, roots will not be able to capture earth lump owing to what soil can sour, and the plant - to die. In pot it is necessary to create good drainage, the thyme badly transfers overwetting. To use soft and juicy greens for cooking or in the medical purposes, it it needs to cut off and not to give to blossom often.

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