Tomato "Persimmon" - universal grade of amateur selection

Tomato "Persimmon" - universal grade of amateur selection

The tomato "Persimmon" has been removed by the Russian gardeners a few years ago. It can be carried to large-fruited grades. The weight of fruits of this tomato sometimes reaches 500 grams. Here a lot of things depend on high-quality care for plant.

Description of grade of tomato "Persimmon"

By the form and color tomatoes "Persimmon" very much remind ripe persimmon. From here and such name. The average mass of fruits usually does not exceed 330 grams. Plants are rather high therefore they are quite often tied up to pegs. Especially it is relevant when on one bush several kilograms ripen at once. As for flavoring characteristics of "Persimmon", they are simply delightful. There is no sourness, and pulp usually gentle and very juicy. These are ideal tomatoes for preparation of juice and various sauces. And here peel at them rather strong. Means, fruits can be preserved small pieces.

The grade "Persimmon" differs in special insistence to temperature conditions at cultivation. It has to fluctuate in the range from 22 to 26 wasps. Otherwise, growth can slow down and even to worsen process of blossoming of these plants.

How to grow up seedling

Usually seedling is planted at the end of the first spring month, and it begins to fructify in July. The truth in northern regions fructification can begin a little later. To plant tomato seeds, it is necessary to cultivate the garden land Fundazola solution. The surface of the soil is better to condense, make small groove and to plant in it seeds. Experienced gardeners know that many seeds do not need to be poured as there will ascend about 90%. After that the soil is recommended to be sprinkled a little water and to cover with film landing capacity. Watering has to be carried out very carefully, and temperature should not fall lower than 22 wasps. When there are shoots, the film can be removed and exposed on light future seedling. Plants should be seated on different tanks after emergence of the second leaf. In two weeks prior to disembarkation the saplings need to be taken out on the street – at first for 5 minutes, then for longer time. Right after watering their carrying out is forbidden.

Features of grade

The tomato "Persimmon" differs from other grades in interesting features. The high productivity means. About 6 kg of fruits are the share of 1 sq.m. The plant can fructify within five months to frosts. If to grow up "Persimmon" in not heated greenhouses, it is possible to reach the maximum productivity. By the way, such tomatoes can even be picked a little immature because they will not lose the tastes at the subsequent ripening. Thanks to such unique feature of grade, tomatoes can be transported on considerable distances.

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