Types and choice of roofing materials

Types and choice of roofing materials

The warm and reliable roof will provide comfort and cosiness of your house. Modern roofing materials, sheet and rolled, allow to mount coverings so that they represented cover, impenetrable for rain and wind. You will be able always to choose roofing material taking into account architectural features of the building.

Types of roofing materials

Roofing materials are made in the form of sheets, rolls and membrane which represents the welded cloths or sputtering the special structure hardening after a while. Rolled roofing materials keep within on basis with overlap, joints between rolls stick together. Rolled materials are used, generally for covering of the flat or having small corner of bias roofs.

It is better to cover those roofs which are characterized by high slopes with sheet materials which are also mounted with the overlap providing reliable protection against precipitation. At the same time it is important that material was rather qualitative that each leaf was strong and reliably protected roof from leakages.

What roofing material to choose

This choice depends on many factors and, first of all, on total load on roof which includes the weight of the most roof structure, the weight of the snow cover characteristic of that geographical area where your house is located. It is necessary to consider as well force of the winds characteristic of your region, architectural features of roof structure, its form and the sizes.

Color euroslate very quickly burns out in the sun and in several years loses the original form.

Besides, when choosing it is necessary to consider also such characteristics of roofing coverings as durability, environmental friendliness, ease of mounting, exterior, the price and fire resistance. As for ease of mounting, in this plan are very convenient slate, ondulin and metal tile, and here laying of flexible and classical tile – process rather difficult and labor-consuming. These roofing materials represent set of blocks the small area everyone, and mounting of flexible tile will require also time for preparatory work. But at the same time the ceramic tile is considered the most durable roofing material which life cycle exceeds hundred years. Flexible and metal tile also differ in durability and durability, unlike slate and ondulin which will be suitable for subsidiary buildings or temporary constructions more.

The cost of roofing materials is various – the cheapest of them slate, the most expensive – ceramic tile.

Today also environmental friendliness of construction materials, their safety is of great importance. The slate containing asbestos and flexible tile which is stacked on bituminous coating concerns some of the most toxic, and it is considered one of the most dangerous materials in the fire relation. If to tell about exterior, the choice of coloring for tile, metaltile and ondulinovy covering the widest, dyes differ in the increased firmness.

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