Unique atmosphere of interior of the children's room

Unique atmosphere of interior of the children's room

To create the special atmosphere in nursery interior where to your child it will be comfortable, convenient, spacious and it is cheerful, we suggest to use the recommendations of professional designers.

It is required to you

  • color palette - subject 1;
  • sliding wardrobe - subject 2;
  • natural finishing materials - subject 3;
  • parts - subject 4;
  • musical selection - subject 5;


1. If your child is more than three years old, then questions on selection of color gamma for its room, finishing of furniture, color of carpet and curtains, it is better to solve with it. You will be surprised, how precisely children choose and combine colors.

2. Furniture in the children's room should not be bulky and massive. It is pleasant to children when it is possible to change situation. One big sliding wardrobe will save you from disorder. In it make clothes compartments, toys, books, etc. Do not overload the room with dressers, curbstones, racks. Leave the place to the child for creativity, outdoor games, construction of lodges and tents.

3. Use natural finishing materials – tree, paper wall covering, cotton, linen fabrics. The wooden ceiling is possible not only in country house, but also in the apartment it will perfectly look. This excellent decision both with esthetic and from practical side (additional noise isolation, eco-friendly material). Use the processed massive board, for more light-weight construction - parquet board, and the simplest option – the lining painted white color.

4. For creation of certain style of the children's room, pay attention to parts. Lamps, curtains, covers, pillows, rugs – all these elements of decor will help to create to you classics or country, sea subject or modern interior.

5. Make musical selection for the child that music sounded background in the nursery. Arrange joint film viewings with the child. Think up themed nights where your child will independently decorate the room on the chosen subject.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team