Vertical gardens - what to pick up plants

Vertical gardens - what to pick up plants

In landscaping the vertical gardening is widely applied. For creation of vertical gardens use climbers with which it is possible to decorate fence or facade of the house, to separate the territory of garden into zones, to disguise unattractive sites, to create cozy corner for rest. Some lianas give tasty fruits, others please look with violence in color, the third attract with decorative effect of leaves. They are united that they cannot grow vertically independently and need support.

 Tall vertical plants

Perfectly maiden grapes pyatilistochkovy, reaching height in 15-20 meters are suitable for vertical gardening. It can be hooked by the short moustaches with suckers for any steep plane, and thanks to dense foliage creates dense screen. Especially decoratively grapes look when leaves gets crimson or purple coloring.

Grapes maiden are unpretentious: perfectly transfers severe winters and drought, is not afraid of wreckers, it is not subject to diseases, perfectly grows in the shaded garden corners. The plant root layers and green shanks breeds. The landing hole is filled with peat, the cespitose earth, compost, krupnozernovy sands in proportion 1:1:1:1. In the first year, grapes increase root weight, in the next years there is active growth of lashes.

Hop ordinary – long-term liana of family of hemp family is effective in vertical gardening. Dvudomny plant, but only female plants grow up more often, they more decorative, give the fruits cones having curative properties. Hop twists support clockwise and rise by 5-6 meters. Lianas are covered with the small thorns doing green hedge of hop of impassable. Practically, it is not necessary to look after hop, it grows in itself.

Plants for green hedge

Bushes, such as blackberry, honeysuckle kaprifol are good for green hedge. Arc-shaped creeping long escapes with thorns are characteristic of blackberry. During blossoming bush very picturesque, berries of blackberry have sweet-sour pleasant taste. Blackberry top escapes and shanks breeds, young landings need moderate, but regular watering, the plant loves the open lit places. Make out blackberry low lanes and fences, tying up it to support. The bush badly transfers frosts, for winter of lash remove from support and cover.

Honeysuckle kaprifol – unpretentious branching bush, it is abundant also brightly blossoming. Length of escapes reaches four meters. For landing of kaprifola it is desirable to choose solar places, but the easy half-shade to it will not damage. She prefers the soil fertile, time during the season honeysuckle it is required to feed up complex mineral fertilizer. Every three years it is necessary to carry out cutting of lianas at the height of 30-40 cm from the bush basis.

 Pletisty roses

It is necessary to mention the queen of garden in the overview of vertical plants - pletisty roses – bush of family of rose family. From roses create decorative pyramids, columns, them make out arches, gazebos. Roses as, however, and all queens, whimsical and with the character. For their landing it is necessary to allocate the place protected from wind and well lit with the sun. The soil has to be fertile, the best clayey ground fertilized by manure and humus. From second year of life behind roses the minimum leaving is required: abundant watering of times a week, 1-2 times during the summer fertilizing by complex fertilizers, cutting of dry branches. For winter of rose remove from support, tie and bend down to the earth. From above they are closed fir twigs, then roofing material and filled up with peat or the earth, layer in 10 cm.

Except perennials for vertical gardening it is possible to use one-year lianas: ipomeyu, pumpkin decorative, haricot bright-red, kobeyu I lazyashchat also others. They in one-two months will twist lane or gazebo, will create fine vertical gardens.

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