What base is necessary for felling

What base is necessary for felling

Load of the basis at the house from felling is lower, than at buildings from other materials. The tree carries badly out heat therefore walls build small thickness, besides wood differs in small weight. In construction two types of the base for felling — column and tape are used, and each of them has features and specifics of application.


1. The type of the necessary base can be defined, having analyzed several factors: properties of the soil, depth of underground waters, size of foundation load, climate and also sensitivity of construction to changes of the basis.

2. Continuous footing is constructed on damp soils, in case of high groundwater occurrance. One of advantages of installation of such base is opportunity to arrange the basement with protection of moisture.

3. Continuous footing of deep underlay is applied to buildings with heavy walls or overlappings and also when creation of underground rooms is supposed. At construction of such base the consumption of building materials increases, it is stacked on 20-30 cm below the possible frost depth of soil.

4. Melkozaglublenny continuous footing will be the fine decision for bath from felling, he allows to save considerably. However you should not forget that such design demands high-quality warming of top layers of soil. For bath the depth is done by about 40-50 cm, for one-storey and two-storeyed buildings of felling — 50-70 cm.

5. The column base for felling is the most economic decision, it is built on the dry or sandy soils not subject to the movement. He does not demand waterproofing, but excludes possibility of creation of basements. Such bases build for constructions with easy walls, for wooden or frame houses, apply them as support to porch or verandah, however this type of the basis is not suitable for heavy constructions.

6. The price of the column base is 1.5-2 times lower, than on melkozaglublenny tape if to compare it to the basis of deep underlay — 3-5 times lower. For creation of the column base it is necessary to remove previously the surface of the soil and to make sandy pillow to reduce loadings at seasonal buckling of the soil.

7. The structure of the column base represents the columns located in all corners of the house and also in the place of adjunction and crossing of walls. Columns establish on soil frost depth, they can be placed under floor logs. As construction material apply the rounded log, the glued or pro-thinned-out bar to such designs.

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