What base to make for the frame house

What base to make for the frame house

At construction of frame houses there is no need to do the heavy-duty monolithic base, however it is necessary to pay close attention to construction of load-carrying structure. All types inexpensive and simple performed by the bases are suitable for frame houses, however each of them has pluses and minuses.


1. Before construction frame spend calculations at home and choose future base on projecting phase. Consider bearing capacity of the soil, coefficient of its resistance and lot of construction. For this purpose it is necessary to determine the sizes and mass of the house, soil bearing capacity and pressure of design upon the soil.

2. Continuous footings are capable to maintain considerable loadings, without moving a little even on mobile soil. This type of load-carrying structure can be monolithic, melkozaglublenny or assembly. Continuous footing approximately on half-meter is submerged in the earth, its height over it is 20-30 cm. Shortcomings of such design — its rather high price and impossibility of re-planning. For this reason to avoid problems in the future, it is necessary to carry out all calculations most precisely.

3. On difficult soils often build the screw bases for frame houses. Screw piles can be screwed on considerable depth that gives opportunity to arrange the basement and cellar. Construction of such base does not demand considerable financial expenses, however it is worth remembering that such design gives considerable shrinkage.

4. The plate base is optimal variant for the frame house on the non-uniform, sandy or weak soil with close groundwater occurrance. On the sliding soil the plate well maintains house loading, often such bases are called floating. They are capable to provide the maximum stability of construction on puchinisty soil as under their influence all plate entirely rises and falls.

5. Basic element of structure of the plate base — plate reinforced concrete bearing, sometimes it is done of sandy pillow. Plates of the basis are reliably fastened by means of cross butt beams. It is necessary to consider that the construction of plate will require much more concrete solution, than on other types of the bases, it does this design by one of the most expensive options of the base for frame houses.

6. The column base represents the separate concrete columns located on perimeter of the house and on crossing of internal walls. As a rule, the circular section, and elevated part — rectangular or square has part of columns which is underground. Diameter of wells for the column base is chosen proceeding from the weight of construction and additional margin of safety. The main advantages of such design is its low price and simplicity of installation.

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