What can be used as vase

What can be used as vase

Large number of accessories and decorative elements litter the room a little. As a result quicker dust collects, the interior looks unreasoned and overloaded. For this reason some house owners resolutely take out numerous knickknacks on garbage can. Among them sometimes there are also vases.

Vase – decorative and functional house accessory. As a rule, their shortage is noticed during big holidays: days of births, March 8th, weddings and so forth. However not everyone is able to afford to keep in the house huge number of vases "just in case". These accessories often differ in massiveness and take a lot of place. And small vases in practice are senseless.

It is optional to store numerous vases houses at all. The accessories expensive in material or memorable sense, surely leave. And here get rid of cheap copies without regret. In necessary hour as vase it is possible to use many the tanks which are available in the house.

For example, the role of vase will be perfectly played by the most ordinary metal/plastic bucket. As necessary it is possible to place in it several volume bouquets at once. However before action surely prepare capacity: carefully wash up and, at will, decorate. For example, amusing stickers, tapes, balloons. Such improvised vase will become excellent festive accessory.

As vase you can use big pan or can also. In the first put bouquets big, but not really long. Use the second for separate florets and high compositions. From ware pay attention and to decanters for water: they are steady and, as a rule, beautifully look.

Various jars stored for preparations will also be suitable for flowers. Only moment: you watch closely loading that capacity accidentally has not overturned. The bottle from under juice or wine with wide neck will become fine vase also. Keep such in advance, at will – decorate. For example, by means of threads, beads, decoupage or normal acrylic paints. The vase given hendmeyd will become remarkable interior part.   

In modern houses, plastic pans and containers also often meet. They perfectly will approach for vase role if it is correct to issue and give them to them stability. The normal gift package of the beautiful drawing will cope with both tasks. Just place in it two-three containers (depending on the sizes) and pour a little water. At such registration as vases it is possible to use even buckets from mayonnaise. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team