What energy saving lamps are favorable by

What energy saving lamps are favorable by

Artificial luminous sources to which glow lamps and fluorescent lamps belong are important aspect of modern life. Thanks to artificial lighting, life does not fade and proceeds even in night-time. The significant role of lighting in modern life dictates the requirements and to quality of luminous sources. Therefore today the normal glow lamp has to not only give good light, but also allow to save the electric power.

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So, in what the main technical differences between normal lamp and, so-called, energy saving and as the energy saving luminous source allows to save. First, fluorescent lamps really consume less electric power thanks to the fact that are equipped with the built-in electronic actuator and are filled with more expensive gas. But it is possible to feel cut in expenditure only in case the lamp reliably serves not less than a year. Besides, it is necessary to consider also operating conditions of lamps. Any fluorescent lamp very negatively reacts to frequent inclusions switching off of electricity and differences of tension. Such power interruptions considerably reduce life cycle of lamps and do not allow to save. For this reason most often notable cost saving at application of energy saving lamps turns out not in house, and in office conditions when light is switched on and off only several times a day.

It is also worth noting and quality of light which fluorescent lamps give. Modern technologies allow to make lamps from five band phosphor thanks to which artificial light is as close as possible to solar. It does energy saving lamps well applied not only in medicine, but also various research centers where light plays especially important role.

Fluorescent lamps and the blinking frequency which are as close as possible to the frequency of pulsation of the sun differ, so, it is not so tiresome for eyes.

Energy saving lamps of poor quality are not intended for work at subzero temperatures whereas glow lamps continue to work even at - 20 wasps.

Shortcomings of fluorescent lamps

It should be noted that by the end of life cycle the fluorescent lamps give more low luminous flux. Besides, energy saving lamps are much more expensive and have power limitings. The built-in electronic actuator of lamps does not work if line voltage is lower than the minimum value or strong radio interferences are near. After the expiration of operation of lamp it is recommended not just to throw out, and to utilize because they contain chemicals, unhealthy the person. Besides, faulty operations of fluorescent lamps can be observed also at high temperatures. One more lack of energy saving lamps is their cost. High-quality fluorescent lamps stand much more expensive normal. Still it should be noted that, energy saving lamps differ in warming up phase which can reach up to several minutes before the lamp gives bright daylight.

On energy saving lamps the producers give guarantee which extends only to conditions of the correct operation.

The most important nuance of operation of energy saving lamps is that they directly depend on quality of current. Therefore, the quality of the electric power is lower, the less economical and favorable will be the fluorescent lamp.

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