What fire warning to install in owner-occupied dwelling

What fire warning to install in owner-occupied dwelling

The fire warning in owner-occupied dwelling is necessary for warning of owners of signs of ignition. There are several types of such systems which differ among themselves in sensors annunciators, complexity of electronic control devices and notifications.

Types of fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems which can be established in the frequent house can have thermal or smoke types of sensors annunciators. Thermal devices react to certain level of temperature which is set by the owner, or on temperature drops. Smoke sensors work on emergence of smoke indoors. Annunciators are powered from the battery or the receiving and control device.

In owner-occupied dwelling it is possible to install the automatic fire warning of address and polling or address and analog type. The ignition center is revealed quicker by the address and polling alarm system. Sensors of this system periodically fix condition of indicators therefore the alarm system will work at the first signs of the fire. Address and analog devices not only define ignition, but also perform certain operations (for example, turn on the warning system, open or close doors, turn off ventilation, etc.)

There is alarm system which can be operated by means of automatic system of GSM. In case of fire the GSM system sends to the owner of the house the text message or does call on the mobile phone. It will allow to call quickly firefighters and to be personally on the scene. The similar GSM alarm system can notify on the incident several people at once.

If phone of the host is occupied or does not answer, the system does call on other number introduced in her memory.

Installation and service of fire alarm systems

Fire-prevention alarm systems need to be installed on each floor of the house, in the basement and on the attic. Expeditious detection is provided with sensors only if they are mounted on ceiling. The specialized organizations having necessary licenses have to install fire alarm system in owner-occupied dwelling. That notification devices about danger normally functioned, it is necessary to provide timely service of system. If as energy source nine-volt batteries are used, tests of annunciators need to be carried out every month, batteries should be changed once a year, and each eight-ten years it is necessary to mount new devices of the notification.

If lithium energy source is energy source, the annunciator needs to be tested once a month, when replacing the lithium battery change all devices of the notification.

In case in owner-occupied dwelling the fire warning of wire type is installed, it is necessary to carry out its tests at least once a month. The uninterruptible power supply unit needs to be changed once a year, in eight-ten years of operation the system is changed for new.

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