What floor covering to prefer?

What floor covering to prefer?

Important and integral part of interior in any house are floors. On floor the people go, on it there are pieces of furniture, the oriental carpet or carpet lies. Floors serve in order that protect housing from humidity, possess shumo- and heat-insulating qualities, also contribute to upclassing of surrounding situation.

When choosing floor covering it is necessary to pay special attention to material and quality, and not just to be guided by esthetic concepts. There is large amount of various materials for floor coverings – tile, linoleum, carpet, laminate, parquet, wooden floor. Some buyers, when choosing floor covering look at quality of material and its cost, others - at external characteristics.

Recently the increasing popularity is gained by bulk floors which are also called polymeric. The advantage of bulk floor is that it is easy in cleaning, from it any pollution easily clean up. Bulk floors can be made perfectly, it is optional to call experts as rather just to buy necessary dry mix. This type of floor is innovation among floor coverings, recently in the market of construction materials even volume floors 3D have appeared. Of course, they for are so widespread and rather expensive that everyone could afford it.

It is necessary to think over carefully what type of floor covering most of all will suit you. As for polymeric, or bulk floor, it quite costly, both in monetary, and in labor equivalent. The fact is that besides upper part of floor there is also base layer which consists of concrete and is basis of bulk floor. Much more simply with linoleum. The main advantage of this covering is that it can be used for any room – even for balcony or toilet. It is the cheapest type of floor covering from all available. It is simple to look after him, and it is durable. However it is worth avoiding sharp-edged pieces of furniture to avoid appearance of scratches.

As for tiled covering - it can be used far not everywhere. Tile, generally use in kitchen, in toilet, in the bathroom and on the balcony. Now talk about carpet. The price of this material, of course, "bites", especially if it is made of natural wool, however on physical properties the carpet is very pleasant. Such type of covering is very whimsical in leaving and is subject to damages. However if there is a strong wish, after all it is possible to cover floor with carpet, it creates very comfortable situation and cosiness. Therefore well think before making up the mind to such step. Parquet, pith or laminatny floors are very popular. However such floor coverings as parquet or laminate cannot be used in rooms with the increased humidity. If you the owner of richly decorated apartment or house, suit you parquet floors more if you do not need delicacy in interior, it is possible to manage traditional timber floor. When choosing floor covering consider that it has to be combined on color gamma with furniture, on the basis of contrast. The room is less, the more small there has to be pattern or the drawing, or in general to be monophonic. As for carpet, for small rooms short pile, will be suitable for big – longer. Carefully consider all merits and demerits of each of coverings, and forward – the choice for you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team