What fragrant herbs to plant in garden

What fragrant herbs to plant in garden

To have fragrant long-term herbs in garden and it is beautiful, and it is useful, and lechebno. It does not require a lot of place and attention. To grow up the necessary herbs absolutely simply, care for them is minimum.

Any of long-term fragrant herbs can be grown up from seeds. It is possible to allocate the most demanded and popupyarny of them.

Lemon melissa. The name speaks about fragrance of grass. The unpretentious, low, winter-hardy plant which is not damaged by diseases.

Sometimes in dry summer it is subject to invasion of trips and pincers. Tea from mint has the calming effect. It is widely applied in cookery, in preparations for the winter and in national treatment.

Lemon Kotovnik. Has spicy bitterish taste with lemon aroma. It is necessary to plant plant on the background as height can reach meter. Possesses wide range of lechebnost. Tea helps at concern and bad dream. Blossoms in two months after crops.

Mint. Very popular grass in cookery, in traditional and medical medicine. There is set of versions with lemon, peppery aroma, various height. Growing up mint, it is necessary to know about its aggressive root system which always survives the next plants and settles on their space.  

Marjoram. Perennial, low plant about half a meter. In midland does not winter and it is grown up as one-year. Use the young leaves and escapes having strong fragrance as spice and at preservation. Tea has the toning effect. It is used in treatment at colds and for digestion normalization.

Marjoram. Has strong fragrance and it is considered female grass. For preparation of grass it is enough to have several plants as they well expand. Long blossoms and it is possible to land in flower beds. Perfectly attracts bees. The long-liver on bed, grows up to 10 years. Natural antiseptics. Apply in cookery as oregano spice (to pizza, salads), in conservation. Tea has magnificent aroma. In Russia the grass was added to kvass. In traditional medicine (at cold) and official medicine it is widely used.

Thyme (thyme, Bogorodsk grass)The majority of cultivars have aroma strong and spicy though there are grades with lemon aroma. Tea turns out very fragrant with pleasant slightly bitter taste. Irreplaceable grass in cookery when cooking any meat, fish. Grow up thyme in the foreground as border, on the solar place. It is resistant to drought and frosts. Widespread medical plant at colds and cough

Sage. The plant up to 50 cm in height, with decorative leaves and with kolosovidny red-blue inflorescences will harmoniously look in flower bed and on pharmaceutical bed. Blossoms long in June-July. It is seldom damaged by diseases. Leaves with strong spicy aroma. Treats many diseases connected with colds, liver, stomach. Irreplaceable grass at treatment of throat. Natural antiseptics. It is applied by culinary specialists at preparation of many dishes and also as component by sausage, cheese and wine production.

Zmeegolovnik (Turkish melissa)In midland does not winter. All parts of plant apply as spice in any dishes. Tea from it turns out with pleasant tartness, fragrant, with peppery aroma. It is used in treatment of various diseases.

Besides the herbs given above, on the seasonal dacha it is possible to seed hyssop, chaber, bee balm, ekhinatseyu, St. John's wort, camomile medicinal. And also to use fragrant and useful leaves of blackcurrant, sea-buckthorn, cowberry, raspberry, blackberry, magnolia vine, dogrose (and including fruits). 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team