What grades of pepper the most large-fruited and fruitful

What grades of pepper the most large-fruited and fruitful

To receive big harvest, it is necessary to make lot of efforts on cultivation. But the main component of success directly depends on right choice of grade.

As a rule, the most large-fruited, thick-walled grades at pepper have the cubical form or prizmovidny.

The admiral Kolchak - grade of late term of maturing with cubical form of fruits. In technical maturity the fruits of dark green color, when maturing get yellow coloring. The mass of fruits - over 200 g, walls have thickness of 6-8 mm. Harvest with 1 sq.m - up to 6.7 kg of fragrant fruits. Plants of average height.

Grades from the admiral series: The admiral Nakhimov who has prizmovidny fruits of dark red coloring. The admiral Ushakov with cubical red fruits, he also differs in krupnoplodnost, over 230-280 g, with thick wall to 8-9 mm and high fragrance. Average yield at grades - over 6.8 kg from one square meter. Grades on seedling should be sowed first of all as they are late.

The barin - grade of average term of maturing with fruits of cubical form, light green color in technical ripeness, passing into red at full maturing. Thickness of pericarp is up to 10 mm. Grade with high fruitful potential, up to 12 kg/sq.m. Plants of average height.

Bentley F1. Mid-season, srednerosly with fruits of cubical form and golden coloring when maturing. The average mass of fruits - about 225-250 g, wall 7-8 mm thick. Average yield - 8 kg with 1 sq.m.

The boatswain, grade with cubical fruits of red color at full maturing. Fruits grow to 500 g, wall of pericarp of 7-8 mm. Productive variety, 8 kg/sq.m. Bushes semi-sprawling average height. Fruits ripen in average terms.

The bourgeois of F1 - the high plant demanding garter with fruits of yellow color weighing 130-240 g and high productivity over a 11kg/sq.m.

The grenadier of F1 - one of the most large-fruited hybrids capable to surprise with the red brilliant fruits having the mass of 600 g and wall in 10 mm. High plant. Fruits ripen in average terms. Productivity - on average over 9 kg/sq.m.

Maradonna F1 has the fruits in cream colored technical ripeness passing into yellow when maturing. Fruits keep up in early terms, have the form of the cube weighing 170-220 g with thick wall to 8 mm. Productivity over 6 kg/sq.m.

Magno F1 - find for gardeners. Grade with high zavyazyvayemost, irrespective of weather changing, long fructification and stability to topmost decay of fruits. Cubical fruits, large, 200 g and above, beautiful yellow color. On one plant 11-13 fruits are formed at the same time. 

Grades which will yield large fleshy fruits and will please with high productivity: Big Boi, Big Gerl, Big Mama, Zhemchuzhina of Siberia, Cockatoo of F1, Yellow Bull of F1, Red Bull of F1, Field marshal Suvorov of F1 and others.

You should not forget that all large-fruited grades of pepper will yield big crop of fruits at observance of high background of agrotechnology and forming.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team