What house is better: frame or bar-shaped

What house is better: frame or bar-shaped

The era of construction of brick or block houses passes, they are succeeded by new technologies. Frame and bar-shaped houses become more and more popular today, choose them for high functional performance, simplicity in construction and comparative low cost. In both cases the buildings are the cornerstone timber, but the difference in technologies is considerable, both frame houses, and houses from bar have the merits and demerits.

Advantages and shortcomings of frame houses

The frame house represents design from boards or bar which forms framework of walls, overlappings and roof. On both sides of rack of framework are sheathed by plates on wood or chip basis, and heater is inside put. Thus, thanks to framework the house turns out rather strong to sustain natural cataclysms, but economical as tree on construction of racks, beams of overlappings and roof leaves a little.

Low price is caused also by the fact that for such easy buildings it is not necessary to do the strong and heavy base, rather column or continuous melkozaglublenny footing. Modern heaters – mineral wool, ecocotton wool, expanded polystyrene – allow to make the building protected from cold even during hard frosts. The fact that frame houses successfully are under construction throughout several centuries in the Scandinavian countries and Canada, speaks about good thermal insulation at home.

Frame houses are very simple in construction, in the presence of the good project, attentiveness and accuracy even the person who does not have experience in construction business will be able to build the good house.

To shortcomings of frame houses, especially in comparison with bar-shaped, refer their fragility. If desired the external walls upholstered SMALLPOX outside and gypsum cardboard inside can be broken or even to break fist and to hang up on wall heavy regiments, eaves with bulky portieres or horizontal bar, it is necessary to strengthen it in addition. Good frame houses it is possible to call only those buildings at which construction specially prepared materials were used: the tree has to be well dried up artificial method and protected from moistening until building, it also should be processed the structures interfering rotting; heater has to be qualitative and dry; it is necessary to use vapor barrier from the inside of the house and hydrovetroizolyation from external. It is very important not to mix the sequence of creation of so-called pie of walls, otherwise moisture will get into heater which will lose the properties.

Advantages and shortcomings of bar-shaped houses

Bar-shaped houses are much more impressive and stronger frame, they are built completely from the pro-thinned-out bar. To break wall from strong wood very hardly therefore such buildings seem reliable. But because of durability and the big weight of such house it is necessary to do more powerful base that is more expensive. The bar costs cheaper than the dried-up wood, but also the quantity of tree is required more. And in northern areas it is necessary to warm such house in addition. But it is possible to save on external and interior finish – bar-shaped the house and without finishing looks attractively. But not everyone is ready to live in the house with internal walls from bar therefore in most cases they are all the same closed.

As such house shrinks, before finishing work it is necessary to wait year.

Bar-shaped houses are usually more durable, than frame, they can serve several decades. But it is heavier to build such building, experience in construction and substantial assistance in labor is necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team