What is bb-cream

What is bb-cream

-cream is called revolutionary means for make-up. It combines maximum of useful properties that allows to refuse additional resources on face skin care.

Origin of VV-cream

VV-cream call the means intended for masking of shortcomings of skin. Interpretation of double English letter In its name sounds as Blemish Balm, Beauty Balm or Blemish Base. It is considered that this wonderful cream combines six useful properties: moistening, basis under make-up, correcting of small shortcomings, alignment of tone of skin, masking of enlarged pores, acne and wrinkles, antibacterial action.

The invention of this product is attributed to the German dermatocosmetologist Christina Shrammek. Developed it in the medical purposes for application after plastic surgeries and serious cosmetology procedures.

Universal use of VV-cream in the cosmetic purposes has begun in Korea. Asian stars of cinema, platform and model business the first have tested on themselves properties of ointment as concealer, fluid, primer, cream with the moistening and matting effect. Thanks to great popularity of means, mass production of VV-cream to which list of action have been added protective and tone function has begun later. Today this wonderful substance is produced by many grades of cosmetics, and the product has finally got a foothold in the European market. But the Korean brands remain leaders in quality of products still. Now VV-cream is foundation of expanded action. It long enough keeps and minimizes emergence of greasy luster on face during the day. This means clarifies skin, adapting to natural pigment. One more considerable plus of VV-cream is that the expense of means is much less in comparison with usual foundation.

As it is correct to apply VV-cream

VV-cream needs to be put on the cleaned dry face thin layer. Day cream is not recommended to use as VV-cream will not be able correctly to keep on skin. It is possible before drawing means to wipe face with special tonic or lotion. To apply VV-cream advise at least for half of hour to exit from the house as up to 20 minutes it is required to means on that being oxidized and adapt to color of your skin. You can use sponge, special brush or fingers for putting VV-cream. The first way is recommended in case of availability of the fat or combined leather at which the sponge will absorb excess fat. It is better for owners of dry skin to use cream with liquid texture and to apply it with brush. In this case you will achieve more equal color. Drawing by fingers is considered the most convenient and economic. This universal way allows to distribute most evenly means on face skin.

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