What is brushes for the electric tool and for what they are necessary

What is brushes for the electric tool and for what they are necessary

The electric tool is irreplaceable assistant to the modern builder. It is applied to creation of openings, swamping of nails and other actions. In each electric tool the special graphite brushes having certain purpose are established.

Assignment of brushes for electric tools

Graphite brushes which are established in electric tools are intended for transfer of electric current on the rotor. It is necessary for rotation creation. Therefore when choosing such brushes it is necessary to pay special attention to material of their production. He surely has to install well electrical equipment and to be rather firm not to wear out too quickly.

Coal brushes for electric tools meet the aforesaid requirements. By the way, the merit of this material can be considered the fact that at emergence of arch of tension between contacts it is not welded on metal. It is very important as in the course of engine operation often there is electric arc.

Replacement of brushes

Usually the brushes for electric tools which are initially established by the manufacturing plant have small operational term. Therefore their replacement at any time can be required. In many professional electric tools there is special valve opening access to the engine. So it is possible to change brushes. But it is necessary to consider that they will approach only those models for which have been developed. That is why some masters resort to emergency measures. They take brushes from the working device and put in non-working. At the same time the file carefully adjusts the sizes. But this way of replacement of brushes is not suitable for frequent application at all.

Types of brushes for electric tools

Now there are several types of brushes for electric tools. Similar variety is reached generally due to addition of additional components in graphite. It becomes for giving of products of certain qualities. Often producers try to increase operational terms of materials. But there are also special brushes which are made of the components reducing sparking in the course of work significantly. It is possible to draw conclusion that at active use of the electric tool it is necessary to think of availability of consumables including special brushes in advance. They can really prolong the term of operation of the tool and help out the master in the most crucial working moment. But it is not recommended to give too heavy loads as it can lead to exit of brushes out of operation on the tool.

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