What it is better - feather-bed or spring mattress?

What it is better - feather-bed or spring mattress?

Several centuries ago the feather-bed was considered as sign of magnificent, soft, pleasant bed. Today most of people use spring mattresses – in practice they are more durable, it is more useful to health and are cheaper.

In ancient times the person had to sleep on rigid surfaces – in the Stone Age the people suited themselves bed from skins of animals which did not differ in comfort. Gradually began to think out more and more soft and pleasant laying. But the human anatomy since those times has almost not changed, and his backbone actually is not intended for dream on soft surface. Rigid, elastic spring mattresses it is more useful to health.


The feather-bed is the mattress filled by down or feather. The soft feather-bed, almost air, creates feeling of lying in cloud. Soft "embraces" of down mattress force many people to make the choice in its advantage. With an ulterior motive throughout many centuries the people slept on comfortable warm beds from feathers and down – feather-beds were descended and considered as sign of luxury. But if to study this question is more attentive, it becomes clear that the most part of people did not use feather-beds several centuries ago – peasants, poor people, average estates more often slept on firm beds, and the notable minority possessed down mattresses.

By old age the rich men who have got used to comfort, luxury and feather-beds suffered from osteochondrosis and other diseases of backbone much more often.

And today, if the person chooses feather-bed, he is happy only at first, but the pose of dream which is gradually not intended for people will have an effect back and neck pains, curvature of backbone and other problems with health. The short-lived comfort does not cost that until the end of life to treat such difficult diseases. The feather-bed has also other considerable shortcomings. So, made of natural feather or down, it causes allergies in some people, it is especially dangerous to sleep on feather-bed to small children. In feathers microorganisms and the smallest insects are often got therefore to sleep on feather-bed unhygienically. And, at last, the feather-bed is more expensive in comparison with spring mattress, and it is more difficult to find it in sale.

Spring mattress

The spring mattress represents metal spring spiral design which is covered with soft material – felt, foam rubber, cotton fiber, sintepon. The normal spring mattress has set of advantages before feather-bed – it elastic, rigid, well is suitable for sore back, costs not much, hypoallergenic. But it has also number of shortcomings – such design begins to creak, be shaken over time, the metal wire from friction is torn.

If on new spring mattress it is a pleasure to sleep, then over time it turns into torture.

It is much more reliable and more convenient modern mattresses with independent spring blocks which are not connected with each other therefore do not break. These are good orthopedic products – the surface of mattress adapts under human anatomy. They are silent, useful to health, are durable, but are more expensive than normal spring mattresses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team