What it is delicious to cover the house

What it is delicious to cover the house

If it is correct to choose varnish for coloring of walls of the house, it is possible not only to improve exterior of construction, but also to protect it from adverse effect of the environment. Recently there was opportunity to varnish brick and concrete walls.

The question of house covering varnish arises in case as front material lining or plates of RSD is chosen. The last can be issued in framework style that will give to the building special chic. It is necessary to know that in recent years varnishes for coloring of brick and concrete have appeared therefore constructions of this kind can be decorated and protected from moisture now.

What varnish to choose for covering of brick walls of the house?

Varnish for brick gives to this construction stone type of "wet". Especially effectively the relief brick covered with it looks. Such varnish is made on the basis of silicone or polyurethane, the antifreeze agents and ingredients giving to covering thermal stability are its part.

For protection of external brick and concrete walls the professionals recommend to use the RUSTIN'S varnish. It is transparent and forms the strong durable covering maintaining temperature to +150os. This varnish does not turn yellow, does not crack, produced in two options: opaque and glossy. Advantage of this structure in its anti-bactericidal properties: it prevents development of mold and fungus.

What varnish to choose for coloring of wooden materials?

These varnishes happen two types: for external and internal works. For the last water-based structures will be the optimum choice. They quickly dry, are ecologically safe and provide equal strong covering. It is quite simple to distinguish structures for external and internal works: the majority of varnishes for coloring of wooden surfaces in rooms on the label has inscription "BIO". It can mislead the ignorant buyer, and he can decide that such structure has properties antiseptics. However it not so. When using these varnishes, lining needs to be processed previously the protectant from mold and fungus. For external works as the most reliable consider yacht varnishes. It have excellent ukryvny ability and provide high-quality protection against moisture. It is possible to use varnishes on acrylic and water basis. But they more liquid and less flexible therefore to achieve layer of the necessary thickness, them the bigger quantity, than yacht varnish will be required. Varnish on the basis of ZAR ULTRA EXTERIOR polyurethane will provide high-quality protection of wooden surfaces. The substances absorbing radiation and ultraviolet are its part. Ukryvna the layer has crash-worthiness and high wear resistance. Varnish for external works of ZAR ULTRA EXTERIOR will reliably protect tree from decay emergence.

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